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A La Casa

Cut to Kellerman and Joyner in a corridor, where they banter just enough to let us know there's Sexual Tension. And then she's gone. Kellerman moves on to the nursing station to pick up or drop off some files. That's not important. What is important is that he bumps into Dalgety there, who asks why Kellerman is so dressed up: "Wedding or a funeral?" Kellerman answers, "Bit of both. I'm meeting my ex for breakfast down at the marina." Dalgety groans, although I don't think it's because he's wishing that plot line would just disappear. Yang conveniently rounds the corner, and Kellerman calls out to her. She shows them a slip of paper that has the name of the intern she's replacing written on it, and they suggest where she can find him. Fishlips strides up just then, looking somewhat naked without her clipboard. "Doctor," she snips. Kellerman quickly says he didn't do it, and Dalgety adds, "I never touched it." She strides right past them with no more than a contemptuous flick of the eyes and stands before Yang, giving her the once-over. She adjusts the collar of Yang's white coat, lecturing, "Neat and tidy, Dr. Yang. We are all ambassadors of the health-care industry." Her work here being done, Fishlips strides off. "Did she just call us bastarrrds?" Dalgety asks. The three of them start walking down the hallway together, and Kellerman offers Yang this nugget of advice before sending her on her way: "Don't let rules and regulations --" "Get in the way of helping patients," Yang keeners. She turns down a hallway, and Dalgety beams after her, "I think she's got it." Christ, who doesn't by this point? Jolly Maid Gina wheels her housekeeping cart past them with a smile and a very friendly greeting for Dalgety. "Dr. D?" Kellerman echoes, asking if Dalgety knows her. Dalgety says he's seen her around. That he's also seen her behind goes without saying, the way he ducks down a hallway.

Cut to Dalgety, seeing Jolly Maid up close and personal. Lip-locked, he leads her into a room, closes the door, and pushes her against a wall, sending a picture crashing to the ground. Am I crazy, or is that a different actress playing Jolly Maid? Anyway, the new girl seems to like her assignment, and goes after Dalgety with relish. I try not to hate her.

Kellerman, meanwhile, stops to check in on Lopez. Apparently no one bothered telling Lopez that the standard length of stay for B-plot characters is a single episode. Kellerman makes his way to the bedside, and Little Lopez scuttles out of the way. L.L. asks if his pops is strong enough to get back on the transplant list. Oh, so now he does want a new heart? Can this guy make up his mind already? Kellerman has far more patience for this Lopez story than I do, and reluctantly admits that Lopez isn't strong enough yet to get back on the transplant list. Kellerman comments on a couple photos of kids that are propped up on Lopez's tray. Blah blah blah, his grandkids can't come to see him, so he wants to go to them. Little Lopez suggests that his father can wait for the transfer at his home. Kellerman wishes it were that easy to get rid of Lopez, but sadly, the man cannot leave the hospital without some really expensive portable blood-pumping equipment. Lopez gestures toward the hulking and very expensive-looking machine in his room, asking, "Can't I take it with me?" Kellerman shakes his head with a sad, "I wish." Me, too.

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