A La Casa

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A La Casa

Cut to Kellerman cutting the engine of his bike in a parking lot near the water. He strolls up behind his ex, Pam, who's seated at an outdoor bistro and looks like she's been drinking fresh-squeezed lemon juice. She informs him that he's late and tries to maintain a glare. He says he was in a meeting. The waiter sets plates in front of them, and Pam unnecessarily explains that she ordered for him. Kellerman asks how Mac is. "Confused," Pam snaps. She says he's wondering whether his daddy is really going to be part of his life now. Kellerman quickly assures her that he will be. She gives him the obligatory "If you hurt him, if you break his heart..." threat. She reminds him that this is his second chance, and he's not going to get another one. An anvil drops harmlessly into the marina behind him. Changing the subject, Kellerman asks, "How's Federhoff?" Trying not to laugh, she says that Jim is fine, then catches herself and says that she's not going to discuss her husband with her ex-husband. She grabs the check and makes to stand up. Kellerman pleads that she hasn't even eaten. Against her better judgment, Pam says that Kellerman can pick up Mac after his soccer practice on Saturday, and says to have the kid home by five. "This Saturday?" Kellerman asks. Pam rolls her eyes and whines, "Bruce!" Kellerman quickly says that he'll work it out. She knows better. He insists that he will. Okay, anyone not envisioning some sad little moppet sitting on a deserted soccer field with his chin on his hands come Saturday, raise your hand. You're excused. Pam hands the check to Kellerman with a glare. She says he looks tired. "You look good," he says, barely lifting his eyes. She leaves without saying thank you.

Cut to Kellerman showing off a wallet pic of his kid to Lopez. Lopez oohs and aahhs and says that Kellerman's wife must be beautiful. Kellerman has just enough time to smile that she is before Lopez turns the conversation back to himself, and how they both know he'll never be well enough to get a heart transplant and so he'll be dead soon. Lopez says again that he wants to go home and launches into some guilt-fest pity party about how he never expected to be part of his son's life again and zzzzz. It takes defter fingers than that to tug on these rusty heartstrings. Kellerman's heartstrings are prime for the plucking, however, and he mists over, promising Lopez that he'll get him out of there. Promises, promises. Lopez nods sadly, but he doesn't hold out much hope. He knows his plot line is good for ten minutes of easy filler an episode.

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