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A La Casa

Cut to Yang flipping uncertainly through pages on her clipboard as she cruises down a hallway. Posner, trailing a gaggle of doctorlings, spots her and barks, "Yang! The discharge in bed nine?" Yang quickly says that's where she's heading. Posner isn't finished. He tells her to check bed eight and get him a pile of acronyms. Yang scrambles to write out the list. She mentions, "Skip the CGT?" "Yeah, we already did an SBFT," Posner snaps. Yang flips through her pages, saying she's not sure the results are there. "Then go find it!" Posner barks. She looks at him uncertainly. "In GI!" he snots. She goes to move past him, but he grabs her elbow and forces her back the other way, telling her to do it after the discharge. Yang tries to play it off while the doctorlings snigger and look superior. Posner walks Yang all the way down to bed nine, not trusting her to find it on her own what with the complicated counting and all.

In bed nine, Yang finds an older man named Mr. Williams. His daughter is there with him, looking terrified and clutching his hand. "How ya doing Mr. Williams?" Yang asks in her best TV-doctor voice. "Pr-r-retty go-o-o-od," Mr. Williams drawls. "So you're going home today," Yang says. "Pr-r-retty go-o-o-od," Mr. Williams says. Yang glances at the daughter, stumped by the unexpected response. Ms. Williams explains that that's all her father says since having his stroke. "But you're set to go home?" Yang asks. "Not really," Ms. Williams admits, her voice trembling. She admits that she has no idea how she'll care for her father, who's still having trouble swallowing and is shaky on his feet. Yang suggests that maybe he should stay in the hospital a few more days. Ms. Williams says she asked Dr. Joyner about that but was pooh-poohed. Right on cue, Fishlips pops out from behind the privacy curtain and says that they need the discharge papers. Yang hesitates and says that Joyner will be doing rounds in a couple of hours, and they can talk to her about it then. Ms. Williams points out that the hospital wants them out now. Yang assures her not to worry about it. Ms. Williams thanks her and tells her father, "You have a wonderful new doctor, daddy." "Pr-r-retty go-o-od," Mr. Williams "agrees." Yang doesn't look so sure.

At the nursing desk, Yang runs into Fishlips, who asks again about the discharge papers. Yang holds them up and says she's going to file them right now. Fishlips thanks her briskly and strides off to spread the joy of her micro-management skills. Yang stoops next to the shelf of binders and glances around shiftily as the crime jazz kicks up in the background. She selects an alternate binder and hastily slips the discharge papers into it, nearly jumping out of her skin when Posner barks, "Yang?" behind her. He and his gaggle stand there looking down at her. "Where's my study?" Posner demands. Yang stammers that she's on her way to get it. Posner clamps a pen in his mouth and wordlessly strides off, his doctorlings in tow.

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