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A La Casa

Cut to Kellerman and Donge stepping out of the elevator. Kellerman is in mid-beg. Donge cuts him off shortly, reminding him that Sutro Medical doesn't cover "experimental treatments." Kellerman puts a hand on his chest and tells him to hold on, saying that it's not experimental. Donge, expressionless, says, "I do not have your luxury of becoming emotionally involved with the patients." Kellerman squints at him. Donge starts getting worked up, his voice rising as he points out that while Kellerman's patient wants a mobile VAD, he's got patients who need dialysis machines, artificial limbs, and wheelchairs. "What am I supposed to say to them? 'Sorry, some guy wanted to go home'?" Kellerman, unabashed, reminds Donge that Lopez paid his premiums. Donge counters that Lopez has spent far more than that amount already. "A dead patient's cheaper than a live one, right Donge?" Kellerman shoots. "That is simple math," Donge points out defensively. Their voices continue rising enough to drown out the clanging of crashing anvils and to attract the attention of Pangborn and other passersby. She rushes over to calm them down before their awkward argument totally wrecks not only the hospital's image, but also the lobby floor. She doesn't have much success. Donge shouts, "And maybe while we're at it, Mr. Lopez has some other dying wishes that Sutro Medical can pay for. Maybe he'd like to go to Hawaii or Mardi Gras? Maybe he'd like to go for a ride on the space shuttle?" Kellerman seethes, "No. He'd just like to go home." He storms off, leaving Pangborn asking what is a mobile VAD. Donge snaps, "Take my advice, Ms. Pangborn. Listen to Nurse Poole. She's the only level-headed thinker in this zoo." He storms off, leaving Pangborn to deal with the bewildered looks of people waiting in the lobby.

Kellerman catches up with Dalgety in a corridor, saying he needs him to do something. "Yeah, I'm in," a distracted Dalgety says without hesitation. Kellerman points out that he doesn't even know what it is yet. Dalgety isn't worried. "Well, can I at least tell you?" Kellerman asks. He says he needs Dalgety to cover his trauma call on Saturday so he can see his son. Dalgety barely reacts to the exciting familial news, saying, "No problem," before walking away.

Meanwhile, Little Lopez is packing up his father's belongings. Lopez excitedly informs Kellerman that they're all set to go. Kellerman holds up his hand to slow them down, and L.L. grabs it and shakes it hard, thanking him. He pulls Kellerman into a hug. Now Kellerman can't possibly tell them that he doesn't have the equipment they need! Kellerman hangs his head, defeated by their innocence and Rule #37 in the Script-Writer's Guide To Banging 'Em Out.

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