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A La Casa

Cut to the hospital's rear exterior, where the film crew is busy unloading medical props. Kellerman walks out, looking for some air, and is informed by someone with a clipboard that he can't be there. She says she needs the area clear so that they can move all the equipment up to the storage room. She indicates the back of a transport that's stuffed with medical supplies. Kellerman leans on the railing, musing that the stuff must've cost a fortune. The Prop Queen says, "You're kidding. They give us this stuff free for product placement." Kellerman, sensing an opportunity for righteous hijinks, offers his hand and introduces himself. Prop Queen's name is Amy Park. She asks if he's an actor. Her face falls and her interest evaporates when he says he is, in fact, a real doctor. Bet he's not used to that reaction. He gets over it pretty quickly when he spots a couple boxes with a cardiac company's logo on them.

Cut to Kellerman on the phone in his office, talking up someone at the cardiac-equipment company and passing himself off as Prop Queen's assistant. He asks them where the mobile VAD unit is. "You can't?" he snaps. "Hang on." He pops his lips and looks around for a few seconds before returning to the call and saying, "Amy says forget it. Come on down and get all your stuff." The threat works its magic, and Kellerman is promised a machine for that afternoon. "My name?" he says uncertainly. He thinks for a second, then answers, "Federhoff."

After commercials, we find Dalgety seated in the housekeeping manager's office, making an uncomfortable pitch for Gina's promotion. She asks why he thinks Gina should move to O.R. Dalgety fudges that Gina is "fast...efficient...courteous." He neglects to mention that she knows how to handle a beeper. The manager pretends to take the recommendation seriously and thanks him for coming by. The second that Dalgety closes the office door, she picks up the phone and tells Coones that he may have been onto something. "Looked to me like the son of a bitch traded sexual favors for the promise of giving her a good recommendation." Coones blanches, realizing that the woman could sue. The manager, whose name we learn is Letitia, suggests that he get on top of it.

Pangborn chases anxiously after the director, who's wandering in and out of patients' rooms. She reminds him that shooting in patient rooms was not part of the deal. The director doesn't have time for trifles like privacy, though, since he's got a scene to shoot. He points out that real patients will make the scene more real. Brilliant. He waves a little money under Pangborn's nose, and she relents, budget whore that she is.

A train of doctors led by Posner, Yang, and Joyner stride down the hallway into Mr. Williams's room. Joyner doesn't look pleased to find the Willliamses still in residence. Everyone looks at Yang. She steps up, saying she was talking to Ms. Williams earlier, and she doesn't think the woman is ready to care for her father alone. "Did you put in the discharge orders?" Joyner asks warily, clearly not interested in what Yang thinks. Yang stammers that she did that morning. "So there must've been some kind of mix-up," Joyner says. Sighing, Posner martyrs that he'll go straighten it out. Fishlips saves him the trouble, busting into the room to announce that she just found the papers in another patient's file. Yang is so busted, and she knows it. Joyner says she wants to see her after rounds. "In private," she adds. Uh-oh!

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