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Does anyone think Robin Tunney sounds totally stoned in that "welcome to CBS" message she does right before the show starts? I hope they get rid of that or re-shoot it next season. Anyway, Probst makes the entire previously on segment all about Li'l Russell and very little else, which is pretty accurate, really, since both this and last season have been all about Li'l Russell and very little else. Maybe for the next two seasons, they can just show us footage of everything else that happened when Li'l Russell wasn't on camera so we'll get a better idea of what actually happened out there.

Night 30 at Yin Yang. The contestants return and Candice is not getting the gratitude she probably expected from the Villains. Jerri says Candice's willingness to flip sides only makes her more of a threat, since she'd be just as willing to flip back to the Heroes. Jerri clearly hasn't spent enough time with the Heroes to know how desperate one would have to be to team up with them. Meanwhile, Rupert and Colby are furious with Candice, and say she's "weak," "pathetic," "self-centered," "manipulative," "pitiful," and "greedy." I can see why they're upset with her, but none of the names they just called her are true. Or not any more true about her than anyone else. If either of them had the chance to sell Candice out to advance his own position in the game, he'd do it in a heartbeat and call it heroic. And Candice knew that when she made her choice. I don't know why she thought she had better odds with Li'l Russell, though. Rupert says he and Colby are the only Heroes left. I believe he is confusing "Heroes" with "Zeroes."

The next day, Li'l Russell has now lost enough weight that his shorts are riding dangerously low. Yuck. Li'l Russell tells Sandra (who clearly doesn't give a shit about any of this) that Rupert and Colby refuse to speak to him because they apparently don't realize they're playing Survivor and people get voted out. Indeed, Rupert interviews that Li'l Russell is a liar and "could be worse than Johnny Fairplay." Hmmm ... what's worse: lying about your grandma being dead or lying about surviving Hurricane Katrina? Honestly, I'd say the Katrina lie is worse because the dead grandma lie was so damn funny and made me want to watch more to find out what would happen next. The Katrina lie just made me feel like I wanted to watch anything else. [Also, the Fairplay lie was surprisingly well executed, with advanced planning and everything. You've got to give him some credit for that. -- Angel] Rupert says he can't keep his rage inside any longer and therefore must publicly confront Li'l Russell about his horribleness and hope the Villains see what kind of person they've aligned with. Like they'll really care, Rupert. It's a chance to win ONE MILLION DOLLARS. There are very few people most of us wouldn't align with for that. Hell, Natalie loves Jesus and stuff and she was still willing to align with Li'l Russell. And so, in front of the fire, this conversation happens:

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