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The End Of The Axis Of Alex
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Previously on The Season That Got Awesome After You Probably Stopped Watching: Alex and Mookie saw that the writing on the wall read "Pack Your Stuff, Jackass." Mookie decided to go all Patriot Act on Yau Man's bag and found his idol, which led to a seminar taught by Mookie and Alex called, "How To Neutralize Your Potential Advantages." Yau Man told the group about the idol and the blackmail he was exposed to, and what really bothered everyone was Mookie and Alex's Li'l Tony Soprano routine more than Yau Man having the idol in the first place. "Dreamz" was the only one who seemed inclined to act against Yau Man as a result of the idol revelation, because he gets suspicious and upset about everything, and everything gets him down, including rainy days and Mondays. Boo headed to Exile Island, where he learned that the new idol was going to be fairly easy to find -- maybe easy enough for him, even. After Stacy managed to win immunity, Boo talked the Earl-liance into a split vote, which was intended to put Mookie and Alex into a tie to be later broken in favor of tossing Alex, provided that nobody produced a secret idol. Earl didn't think it was necessary to protect against secret moves of genius coming from Mookie and Alex, who morphed at some point into The Gang That Couldn't Vote Straight Even Though They Want You To Know That They Totally Are Straight Even Though They Have This One Gay Friend Who's Cool. Alex threw a wrench into the works, which shouldn't have been surprising but kind of was, when he voted against Mookie, tipping the vote against Mookie instead. So the split vote didn't really turn out as planned, in that Mookie took a walk and the potentially less stupid Alex hung around. Although when the biggest threat to a dominant alliance is Alex's brain, I would say it's time for that dominant alliance to softly sing "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye" in the background.

Bula Bula, Night 30. The ants are restless. The group is coming back from tribal council in night vision, and Earl is griping gently to Cassandra about how he didn't like the idea of the split vote, and how this was why -- it didn't wind up working the way they intended, because they wanted to get rid of Alex. Meanwhile, Alex explains that poor, gullible Mookie voted for Boo, while Alex himself voted for poor, gullible Mookie. And he knows that this was the vote that saved him. He rejoices that he's "still here," and then he slaps his own chest for effect, like you might do if you had lived through an earthquake or a fire or perhaps in Alex's case a collapsed ceiling at a hipster bar, instead of part of a game show. Earl whispers to "Dreamz" and Stacy that he was against the split vote from the beginning, but he went along, and that's the last time he goes along with anything he thinks is the wrong move. Earl interviews that he really wanted to boot Alex, whom he perceives as a bigger threat, but the tribe wanted to split the vote. Earl tells us that the idea that Alex might use his vote against Mookie was pretty obvious (like, he uses the word "duh," actually), which makes me wonder if Earl brought that up when the split vote was discussed. He didn't seem to. But maybe he did?

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