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A Whole Lot of Fakin' Goin' On

Last week on Survivor, the tribes saw their loved ones, and we saw that Neleh's mother was a freak. Kathy's son Pat spent the night at Soliantu, and Kathy asked his advice, then didn't let him get a word in. The S6 continued to haggle over alliances, Joanna did some really bad math, Vecepia won immunity, and Robert got voted out. Five are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

Tribal chanting, island scenery, soaring bird, Soliantu flag. Kathy groans as she sits down, and Sean mumbles something. Kathy wants to know why he's mumbling, and Vecepia says he's hungry. Kathy offers to fetch some apples, but Sean wants "real food." He doesn't say he's lost his appetite because Kathy is picking at her teeth with something big and green and apple-like right in his face. Sean whines that the situation sucks because the days aren't passing as quickly as he thought they would. In a confessional, he says he just wants to eat, get through another day, win the immunity challenge, and then see where the cards lie. Depending on who wins the immunities, Sean thinks he could come up with ten different combinations of what might happen in the next several days. He's not going to do that, though, because it "takes too much energy to strategize," and he prefers just to take it day by day. But still, he'll go out fighting. Literally, as we'll see later.

Vecepia matter-of-factly tells us in a confessional that it's easy to perceive Kathy as the swing vote, because she and Sean appear linked, as do Paschal and Neleh. She says that, as the fifth person, Kathy is looking for a reason to swing her vote someone's way, but that she "truly [does] not believe race is an issue on this beach." We see Kathy continuing to scrub her teeth nastily as Vecepia goes on insisting that -- no matter what the situation is -- people will assume that she and Sean are allied because they are the only African-Americans. Kathy nods and laughs, then tells us in a confessional that Vecepia made mention of her status as swing vote. Already there's finger-pointing, since they both told us that the other one brought up the subject of Kathy's vote. Kathy says that Vecepia was "playin' the race card a bit," but that she hadn't thought about it like that yet. As they continue to talk, Neleh creeps up in the background and then sits directly in the middle of their conversation. In a confessional, Neleh complains that being "stuck" on an island with people who are "talkin' and back-stabbin'" is difficult. And I understand that sentiment completely, because talking people are really hard to take sometimes. Neleh continues explaining (as best she can explain anything, that is) that Vecepia took Kathy aside and had a "little discussion" with her, which is a condescending way of putting it. Neleh thinks the whole race thing is ridiculous, and insists that it "never, ever" played a part in the game. When Neleh hears Vecepia say something like, "Well, you know, it's us two African-Americans against you two. And then Kathy's the swing vote," she gets irritated. Sweetly irritated, of course.

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