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Shannon's death, take two

Hurley and Rose are doing the laundry on the beach, and Hurley wonders why they're hanging clothes to dry when there's a dryer in "the hatch." So right off we know that there's nothing to do with the hatch again this week, and this conversation is the writers saying, "Right, we know, we'll get back there, we haven't forgotten." Rose says she doesn't like the hatch, and prefers drying clothes in sun and fresh air, but Hurley thinks it's because of the doomsday button.

Shannon comes up to contrivedly ask where the guys on the raft left all their stuff, and Hurley says, essentially, it's where they left it. As Shannon goes, Rose observes that it can't be easy losing the one person she loves on the island. Don't worry, Rose. I bet you find out at some point, possibly during sweeps.

So Shannon finds Walt's clothes, and makes Vincent sniff him. "You're always trying to run off and find him? Then find him. Find Walt!" Yeah, this is necessary. The dog might have forgotten his master's scent, after all. So Walt takes off, Shannon following, holding the leash. "Good dog! Find Walt!" They emerge from the jungle onto another section of beach, which is, unfortunately for Shannon and groaningly for the viewer, where Boone is buried, with a little cross that reads "Boone Carlyle." Once again, Vincent has proven himself to be, while quite cute, utterly useless. Maybe that's why Shannon's finally taken a shine to him.

A fussing Aaron is crying in his cradle while Claire rocks him. Since that doesn't work, she tries apologizing for waking him the night before. Still no luck. Locke strolls by. "How's that cradle treating you?" he asks, like how often does she have to thank him for the damn thing, and she says it's working great: "It's the baby that's the problem." Locke crouches by the cradle. "May I?" he says. And then he's wrapping a docile Aaron up tightly in a blanket like a little baby enchilada, while explaining that babies like feeling constricted, and it's only when we're older that we desire to be free. So this is another one of his Yoda mind tricks. A grateful Claire takes Aaron into her arms and gently rocks him. "You know, I think everyone knows more about my baby than me," she says. She explains that Charlie read her the "riot act" last night for waking Aaron, and as mad as it made her, turns out he was right. Oh, don't worry about Charlie. The only reason he knows so much about babies is because he uses them for drug mules. She bitches, not too vehemently, about her and Charlie playing Mom and Dad to Aaron, even though she doesn't remember marrying him. "For all I know, Charlie could be some religious freak." Locke laughs and says he doubts it. Claire wants to know, then, why he's always carrying around the Virgin Mary statue he says he found in the jungle. Locke looks slightly concerned, but doesn't say anything to Claire about it. "How 'bout that," is all he comes up with.

Shannon's still sitting on the beach staring at Boone's cross. We flash back to her father's funeral, with a mourning-clad Shannon having a tough time. Her dad's casket is in some sort of outdoor gazebo thing, which is nice, because the bereaved can get in some croquet while they're remembering Mr. Rutherford. She approaches the casket, and behind her, we hear Boone say, "Death sucks, doesn't it?" Well, Boone would know. She turns around, and is glad to see him, despite his hair looking like -- I don't even know what. I mean, it's a little mullety, and a little parted in the middle with these…parentheses of hair on his temples. ["We know it's a flashback; why they thought Somerhalder needed a wig to drive that home for us is a mystery, at least to me." -- Sars] She cry-laughs and hugs him, and he says, "I'm so sorry, Shan." "You came back," she says. Back from where? Something tells me any questions raised by the flashbacks this episode might never get answered. A little ways away, Cruella de Carlyle sees the two hugging and scowls.

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