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Shannon's death, take two

Charlie strolls up, seems nonplussed to see Locke there, holding Aaron, and is even less impressed when Claire starts extolling the virtues of swaddling, taught to her by Grampa Locke there. Charlie says he just came over to take Turniphead so Claire can go on one of those walks where she leaves the baby behind for hours while Charlie watches him and then later she can complain about him. Locke looks at Claire, Claire doesn't say anything, and Locke decides he doesn't want to get in the middle of Charlie's sick obsession thing. He cheerfully says Charlie's got good timing, because he should get going. Yeah, maybe he's due at "the hatch," whatever that is. Claire looks bothered that Locke is leaving, but doesn't say anything. Charlie takes Aaron into his arms, and looks at Claire. "What?" she says. Claire, if only there was some way for you to tell Charlie to back off a little…oh yeah! How about with your mouth?

The Tailaways trek through the jungle as quietly as possible. Libby steps on a stick, and then everybody shushes her, and they are much louder than her stupid twig snapping. And then Jin is babbling away, so Ana-Lucia goes stomping on back to the end of the line to shush them like a super-pissed-off librarian. "What, they can't talk at all?" says Michael, and since no one else there speaks Korean, I'm not sure why Jin would even be bothering, but Ana-Lucia says if he keeps talking he'll get them all killed. "By what? Them? I thought they lived a day back that way!" says Michael. And Ana-Lucia is all, "Shut up! That's why!" and tells him to get his buddy moving. "What happened to you people?" asks Michael. Michael, who a few days ago was almost shot and blown up by people took his son from a raft that they built to escape from an island with rampaging boars and polar bears and some crazy hatch thing and an "island security system" and psycho Canadians and crazy Frenchwomen, wants to know what could possibly have these people so scared. Not that he shouldn't be asking some questions, but still. He says that if Ana-Lucia wants them to take the Tailaways back with them, that's fine (although I thought it was kind of the other way around here?), but if she wants him to keep quiet, she's going to have to tell him why. Ana-Lucia looks at him hard, glances at the other Tailaways, and reluctantly starts to talk. "They came the first night that we got here. They took three of us. Nothing happened for two weeks. Then they came back, and took nine more." Michael's already looking like, Sorry I asked. "They're smart. And they're animals," continues Ana-Lucia. "And they could be anywhere at any time." Jin glances around, but it must be for some other reason, because he doesn't speak English, right? Ana-Lucia says that now they're moving through the jungle so they can save "your little hick friend." But if Michael thinks that one gun and one bullet will stop them? Think again. "So shut your mouth and keep moving," she says, and turns to go. "They took my son," says Michael, quietly. "They took a lot of things," says Ana-Lucia. "Like the big book of Sudoku puzzles I was doing on the plane." The horror never ends.

So Shannon is still sitting by Boone's grave. So much for her finding-Walt mission, I guess. Although, to be fair, I keep forgetting that in show time, Boone didn't die all that long ago. Sayid walks up, sits down next to her. "I know what it is to lose someone you care deeply about," he says. She stares at him for a moment. "You really think that this is all about Boone?" she says. Well, considering you've been sitting there for hours now… "I saw Walt, Sayid," she says. 'Then why are we sitting at Boone's grave?" he asks. Good question. But she looks at him like he's an idiot, and stands up. He asks where she's going, and she says, "To find him." Well, I don't want to come off all Sayid on you, Shannon, but I agree that actively looking for him is more likely to bear fruit than sitting by your brother's grave.

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