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Shannon's death, take two

Flashback to Shannon at her apartment with her ballerina roommate bringing in the mail and telling Shannon that "it came." She hands Shannon the envelope, and Shannon says, "Oh my god," and says she can't open it. She asks her friend to do it. "You have been waiting six months for this letter. No way I'm opening it," she says, so Shannon takes it, opens it and reads. "I got it," she says softly, and there is much "Oh my god!" and hopping and hugging. Sweet. You know I'm all about the LesYay! No? No good? I come off like a drunken frat boy? Fine.

Before the clothes get peeled off, however, there's a ringing phone to answer. Shannon answers. "Um, that's impossible," she says, and asks if the caller's sure. "Of course. I will certainly do that. Sorry," she says, and hangs up. "My rent cheque bounced," she tells her still-clothed roommate. "But you're, like, rich," the roommate says. Quite helpful, she is.

Over at Rutherford House, Mama Rutherford is all business apologizing for not offering Shannon something to drink but she has to be at a meeting in ten minutes. "My cheques are bouncing," says Shannon, and Cruella de Carlyle says that's what happens when you make withdrawals and don't make any deposits. Shannon asks when she gets the money her dad left her. Her stepmom just looks at her blankly, like she has no idea what she's talking about, like, so far removed from understanding what Shannon's saying that she doesn't even know who this "dad" is that Shannon's talking about. "The money from the will?" prompts Shannon. Stepmonster tells her there was no will; she and Shannon's dead dad entered into a "living trust," and everything passed to her when he died, and there was no money in there specifically for Shannon. Seems to me that I wouldn't take the stepmom's word for it, but Shannon apparently does, and wants to know why her dad would do that to her. Cruella says that perhaps he wanted Shannon to find her own way. Yeah, that makes sense. He apparently had been giving her money up until his death. His plan was to make sure she was dependent on him while he was alive, but when he died, he wanted to be certain she didn't get any more money, right? "We all have to work, Shannon. Most of us are the better for it," she says, snidely. I suppose she already owned a chain of bridal shops when she was 18, right? Shannon starts telling her about the prestigious internship she landed, and she'll be working "like, sixteen hours a day," but Cruella says the only thing she's seen Shannon do sixteen hours straight a day is sleep. Shannon tries asking for a loan just so she can get to New York, and she'll pay her back. "This week it's an internship. Last year, it was what, interior design?" My god, Shannon's eighteen. I'm thirty and I have friends who still aren't sure what they're going to do. "You'll never pay me back. And you'll hate yourself even more," continues Cruella. Shannon starts pleading with "Sabrina," who shakes her head and says she's sorry. "You're on your own." She walks away, so we can all feel sorry for Shannon. Or maybe wonder if we're supposed to accept this as an excuse for all the selfish behaviour we've seen from her since the show started.

Back on the beach, Locke and Charlie are playing backgammon, and Locke seems to have inherited Walt's luck, as he's kicking Charlie's ass. Locke says he hopes Charlie didn't get the wrong idea, seeing him with Aaron back there. Can anyone explain to me why everyone feels the need to apologize to Charlie when it comes to the baby? "What idea would that be?" asks Charlie. Locke says that Charlie and Claire are close, and he spends a lot of time with Aaron. "I wouldn't want to overstep my bounds," says Locke. Oh, don't worry. Charlie does that all the time. "Overstepping Our Bounds" was a B-side from Driveshaft's first album. Charlie asks if Claire told him they had a fight. Locke says she didn't call it a fight. "She was gonna give it up, you know. For adoption. She tell you that?" asks Charlie. Lucky for Charlie she did, because if she didn't, that's not Charlie's secret to spill, now, is it? Locke tells him she did tell him that, when he built her the cradle. "Why do you ask?" Charlie has the audacity to say she's got a bit to learn about being a "mum." I'd wager that every first-time mother does, wouldn't you? "Responsibility and all," says Charlie. "Hmm. Now that's an interesting thing to say, for a heroin addict," says Locke. Heh. Charlie looks pissed. "Recovering addict," he says. "Recovering," says Locke, amiably, and points at the board. "It's your turn."

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