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by admin February 22, 2009
Academy Awards 2009: Liveblog 10:28 -- And now for Outstanding Sound Editing. These people are exceptional artists and technicians and everything, but, you know, who gives a crap about sound editing? Hey, The Dark Knight won something. I guess I'm supposed to be grateful.

10:30 -- And also Sound Mixing gets an award during the broadcast. Great. Slumdog Millionaire won, but how do you really judge sound mixing? I don't even really know what it is. I bet this is a huge complaint amongst the sound mixer community. I bet they really get fired up about it, how laymen don't understand their art. That's sad too. The Oscars are bumming me out.

10:33 -- Christ, Will Smith is still on with these nobody-cares-about categories. He's the biggest star in the world, how did he not get to present a real category? I know the previous winner usually presents those, but jeebus. He's Will effing Smith! Anyway, Film Editing is up now, and you don't care who wins. This is bathroom break central. Slumdog Millionaire won. I know, try and contain yourself. What a thing everyone cares about!

Time for the lifetime achievement, which means its Zach's turn again...

10:42 -- Eddie Murphy presents the Jean Hersholt Award to his idol Lerry Lewis. Not much opportunity for comedy, since it's a humanitarian award, and it's because of his support for kids with muscular dystrophy. Jokes about Jerry's Kids are not cool. Lewis is looking pretty good, given his age, although I couldn't tell if he was making a crazy face at the end of his speech, or just smiling. Am I going to hell?

10:50 -- Two-and-a-half hours in (three, if you count the red carpet show), and the Academy apparently wants us to go to sleep. Why else would they be playing a lullaby? What? It's the music from the Best Score nominees? Oh, well that makes more zzzzzzzzz...

10:53 -- Zac Efron and Alicia Keys present the nominees, because apparently Vanessa Hudgens wasn't famous enough, and they give the award to Slumdog Millionaire, for not being completely sleep-inducing.

10:56 -- The Best Original Song nominees include two songs from Slumdog Millionaire, which would sound the death knell for their lone competitor from WALL-E, if they didn't sound like every other Indian-language song I've ever heard. Also, the Peter Gabriel song from WALL-E is pretty awesome, despite the fact that they apparently couldn't even get Peter Gabriel to sing it. Slumdog wins anyway. The same guy who did the score says the same thing he said before. Hey, that rhymed! I should get an Oscar.

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