Oscars 2011: The Liveblog

by TWoP Staff February 28, 2011
Academy Awards 2011

11:31 - Hathaway is way too excited about being on the same stage as Steven Spielberg. Has she SEEN Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?

11:33 - Another montage of the Best Picture nominees? That's three, by our count. Two too many.

11:35 - "The nominees for Best Picture are The King's Speech... and nine other movies. It really doesn't matter. " The King's Speech wins.

11:36 - RAAAAAAGE! We feel like We just wasted three hours of our lives on a movie we knew the ending of. Like a longer The King's Speech.

11:38 - James Franco has already forgotten the name of the Best Picture winner. Hathaway is revisiting the whole see-through lace dress look. Children from Staten Island are singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." All the winners are coming back out on stage to rub it in everyone else's face, like it's the end of an episode of Saturday Night Live. Get home safe, people. If you're already home, sleep safe. And if you're Oscar producers and/or voters, you mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darlings.

11:40 - We bow out.

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