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I Sing The Body Electric

Back on the plane, Coulson and Ward come in and ask Skye if she found something on Cross, the scoutmaster, and she's like, I did, but you already knew that thanks to your bracelet gizmo that tracks my every keystroke now! As is happening quite a bit in this episode, to my delight, such babbling is ignored, so Skye tells them Cross was the local high school's phys ed teacher and varsity baseball coach, as well as a troop leader and a volunteer firefighter. No wonder he never had time to work on his Crying Man impression. She tells them he's clean, but Ward replies, "Everybody looks clean on their first go-round," and the Skye-shaped ice statue left from that comment looks chastened. Coulson agrees that Skye should keep digging, but when she's gone he turns to Ward and points out that he's being awfully tough on her and considering how steamed he was last episode, that's saying something. Ward, however, thinks Skye's got a lot more work left before she regains their trust, and rather than argue further, Coulson tells him to put Skye's work up on the monitor so May can review it "when she's done with her interrogation." What interrogation, you ask?

Why, the one of the teenager, of course! In the interrogation room, the kid looks scared, May looks intenseā€¦ and then she pushes a plate of cookies toward him and tells him to have one. Hee. The kid is still so scared he practically whimpers, but from the quick look he takes at the plate, he's going to be talking soon enough, probably with his mouth full.

Coulson enters the lab/morgue to find the guy's corpse and Simmons, the latter of whom dispenses a bunch of technobabble, as is her wont. Coulson, however, notes that Fitz is waiting safely in the other room, and when Simmons explains that he detected "a strange energy" coming off the body, Coulson amusedly notes he's afraid of it. And while I think Fitz's jumpiness/queasiness/anythingness is overused, the guy did die here. This is pretty low on his scale of irrationality. However, with his manhood in question, he barks about the smell and the decaying flesh corrupting his workspace and then he and Simmons argue about a dead cat whose liver Fitz might accidentally have eaten? Probably not, otherwise I can't imagine his already delicate stomach would ever have recovered to handle food again. Simmons turns back to her boss and shows him a scan of Cross's brain, which Coulson notes looks like "a burnt baked potato," and if you don't stop grossing Fitz out you'll never get him back in here to do any work. Simmons tells him that the power output was almost double that of a lightning bolt, and then May comes in to report that the kid is clean. Simmons tells them that Cross' suspension in midair was due to his molecular density being temporarily altered by an unknown energy source, but she should know more once she examines some of the victim's brain tissue. While you're asking questions, shouldn't you add "what made him stop floating" to your list? Fitz then pipes up that a satellite is picking up another electrostatic event only a few short kilometers from their position, and S.H.I.E.L.D., shouldn't you have a fancy shorthand for that like "We're picking up a Code Zap?"

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.




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