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It's now light, and Fitz scans the three away-team members for signs of electrostatic energy, but they come up clean. Skye and Simmons watch as the other firefighters are led away to be quarantined as is S.H.I.E.L.D.'s protocol while the helmet is packed in a biohazard casing to be transported to "The Sandbox," described as a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility across the Atlantic that specializes in hazardous materials. Coulson notes that if Simmons is right about the virus, the firefighters could be infected and much like the thing with Cross not feeling ill earlier, this is sacrificing consistency for the sake of delaying a reveal, but in this case we already know Simmons got zapped, so shouldn't someone on the S.H.I.E.L.D. team realize that they all should be tested since they all were exposed to the first two victims? Coulson adds that Simmons needs to find a cure, and she agrees to do so. We see people in hazmat suits put the helmet in the interrogation room and then in the cockpit, Coulson hears from May that they've got an ETA of about four and a half hours. He obviously sounds out of sorts, so May asks if he's okay, and when he gives an unconvincing answer, she asks if he wants to talk about his physical. Rather than bring up the fact that Simmons called him old, he says everything's fine and she must really care because she keeps the conversation going by asking if he'd tell her if something was wrong. He does no better at selling an "Of course," but he's spared further interrogation by Simmons calling that she's found something. May does, however, offer that "Phil" did everything he could for Diaz, and Coulson smiles and nods gratefully even if he doesn't really believe it.

In the lab, Simmons shows Coulson an extreme magnification of brain cells from the firefighters, and we see electricity still being generated at the cellular level. She excitedly tells him that the friction caused by cleaning the helmet must have activated "some long-decaying Chitauri organism," and I'm surprised no one wonders if that might not have been an accident; it'd be an interesting gambit of biological weaponry to coat their helmets with something lethal to aliens in case they fell into the wrong hands. Simmons excitedly concludes that they're dealing with a propagating virus that spreads via electrostatic shock -- unaware that a metal tool is floating into the air behind her. Coulson goes wide-eyed for a moment, but lets Simmons babble obliviously as he walks to the door. When she finally catches his look of grim death, she asks if anything's wrong, and he sighs, looking like he's going to vomit, "I'm so sorry, Jemma" -- before hitting the door control and locking her in. This, I also liked. Simmons whirls and sees the tool floating in midair and then touches it; it falls to the ground as she breathes, "Oh no." Well, good motivation to get working on that cure.

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