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Your Ghost

Okay, I mean, maybe this speech is what he needs to hear, and it certainly seems to be something May needs to say, but it has absolutely nothing to do with God's forgiveness, I feel obligated to point out. Not to mention the fact that if whatever other world he's experiencing is bad enough to resemble hell, shouldn't they be trying to help him? As May catches sight of one of the lighted drones nearby, she tells Ford he has to let go and you may think at this point I'm just looking for any excuse to bag on this episode, but I honestly don't get why they would assume he's in control of whether he moves on or not. His situation was caused by an explosion in a lab that forced him into this limbo, right? The vague bit about him disappearing more and more aside, isn't it logical to think it would take something of equal force to dislodge him from it? And if May's going to play Spirit Whisperer here, can't she at least do a Zelda Rubinstein impression? The rest of the team shows up in time to witness May urge Ford to "let the girl go," and after he takes her hand and closes his eyes, he dissolves into smoke, presumably never to return. Skye of course rushes over to Hannah like they're blood relatives, while Coulson asks May what she said to Ford and May, in a small voice, replies, "the same words you said to me in Bahrain." Sorry, but you had your chance; not caring anymore.

Later, on the plane, Skye literally tucks a sleeping Hannah in, like YOU CARE AND ARE EMPATHETIC AND WE GET IT, and then she goes over to Coulson for a clunky transition about lost causes and some talk about May, and Coulson tells Skye she'll be a good superhero recruiter or whatever someday, and that's only if the show ever decides if that's what it's actually doing here. Skye then joins May in the cockpit and asks if she can keep her company, and May doesn't say no, which she takes as assent. May might even be glad of it, but let's not push our luck.

Oh, and in the end, Coulson, Skye, Ward and Simmons are playing Scrabble when Fitz appears with shaving cream all over one side of his face. He indignantly tries to get an answer to who pranked him, but none of them claim responsibility -- because the culprit was May, who's listening in with a small but definitely amused smile on her face. Fantastic; she found herself, we can move on to whether Coulson's a robot, right? Maybe we'll find out in two weeks when J. August Richards returns.

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