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Cut to a close-up of a computer screen telling us who our possibly telekinetic, definitely emotionally fragile woman is -- "Hannah Hutchins" -- as Skye tells Coulson she thought telekinetics didn't exist. Coulson replies that they've never verified one (…), so they're going to Utah to check it out. Or, as he puts it, to "conduct an index asset value and intake." I'm not always a fan of Skye's attempts to informalize everything, but I do appreciate her dry inquiry of "Does that mean we talk to her and see if she has powers?" Coulson is like, yeah basically, so Skye suggests a better name for the process, like "the welcome wagon"? I mean, that might not be super-appropriate if the subject turns out to be hostile, but it's not bad from a PR standpoint. Coulson, however, ignores the suggestion in favor of telling Skye he wants her to pay close attention to how this kind of mission goes, and when she reminds him that she found Peterson before they did, he's like, "Remember how that went?" Um… fine? I mean yes, he almost exploded, but Skye had nothing to do with that; the show probably just wants us to remember who that is for next time. No reason!

Coulson tells her he wants her to see this kind of first contact done right, which makes me wonder if some other agency is going to take the mission over. Who's the ODIN to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s ISIS? (Seriously, I wonder what this show would be like as a straight comedy.) As they walk downstairs, Skye flips through some materials Coulson gave her and guesses the people S.H.I.E.L.D. approaches must freak when they arrive, and Coulson tells her every case is different -- some people are in denial about their powers. They then chat about details from the case, and the only thing we didn't already know is that Hannah was the plant's Home Simpson… I mean, "safety inspector," which explains why everyone in the "small church community" is blaming her. Skye then starts to get all Heart Of The Show about how Hannah must be having a terrible time, but luckily they reach Fitz/Simmons, who inform her the particle lab has been deemed still too dangerous to enter -- but they can still get the data they need from their drones, so they'll look for any correlation between this kind of explosion and spontaneous telekinesis. Coulson then shows off by spewing a lot of technobabble about how the lab was designed to create "miniature Big Bangs," and Fitz/Simmons go slackjawed at his demonstration of knowledge while Skye's like, well, I won't mention Big Bangs around Explosion Girl! Not that I don't appreciate bad wordplay, but as responses to Coulson's statement about miniature Big Bangs go, "so, Small Bangs, then" just seems so much pithier. Coulson then says it's a delicate situation, so he, May and Ward will be the ones to make initial contact. After May appears overhead to tell them they're going in five, Skye's like, it's delicate "so you're bringing along Warm and Fuzzy?" Again, she could cut back on the "Daaaad, you never let me do annnnnnything!"-type comments, but she's got a point here. May stares death down at her, and then Ward walks in and May's all, YOU'RE LATE. Like yeah, that's pro secret-keeping there.

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.




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