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Your Ghost

Simmons is checking out a holo of the explosion when Fitz appears next to her wearing a gas mask. This scares her not one bit, and she sends him off to work on some tech stuff and also the prank, both of which I'll agree need work.

Skye shows Ward a photo of a "Tobias Ford," one of the explosion victims who looks -- to use an expression of my grandmother's -- like a bit of a plug-ugly. He also, according to Skye, filed three safety reports against Hannah in the month before the explosion, which seems to indicate that he was not Hannah's friend even though she seems to think otherwise. Please, no one tell her and make her cry even more?

Fitz heads into a supply closet in search of something or other; the numerous camera cuts let us know to expect our mysteriously appearing visitor, but the show holds him back until Fitz is talking (out loud, of course, as everyone does) about springing a prank on an "unsuspecting victim." Ugh. And then, by the time he turns around, the guy is gone, because this ghost/not ghost is nothing if not a drama queen. Seriously, all his other appearances have had intention behind them, but here he randomly appears for a cheap scare? And speaking of drama, Simmons says (also aloud, but she at least kind of thinks Fitz might be there) it's almost as if the explosion ripped open a window…"to hell!" Ford grits now that he's appeared next to her. He swings a wrench and cracks the glass display generating the holographic image, and I think that's why Simmons lets out a cry rather than any fear of him, but he's vanished again by the time Coulson comes running in and she informs him Hannah's telling the truth. "There's someone else on this plane." Someone who could NEVER have manipulated that car in non-corporeal form earlier, I feel I must point out again, especially since we get a demonstration of the guy's outstretched hand waiting for the rest of him to materialize before it cuts a bunch of wires somewhere, causing the plane to lose power. Coulson: "We're going down." This poor plane didn't know what it was signing up for with this show.

When we return, Ward is joining May in the cockpit and as they strap in, May asks Ward if he's certified, like I'm pretty sure on a plane with a population of six the list of people qualified to fly the thing would be well documented, so I thank Ward for not bothering to answer. May diverts as much battery power as she can spare while keeping The Cage shielded, and then everyone buckles up as May announces they're heading for a rough landing in a field and maybe I'm being unfair to fields, but I'm guessing that's generally how such landings go. Rough or not, it happens, and then we cut to Coulson informing everyone that there's a man or whatever tormenting Hannah, apparently, so they've got to keep The Cage intact to protect her. Skye once again yammers about wanting to be the one to talk to Hannah, although at this point they might as well give it to her, since Hannah's proven to be so irritating I can't imagine else volunteering to do the job. Coulson is like fine, whatever, and then starts to give some marching orders -- only to have Simmons ask where Fitz is. Boning up on horror-movie tropes?

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.




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