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Your Ghost

Close enough -- he's stuck in a supply closet wondering if someone's pulling a prank on him before realizing that the reason he can't get the door open is that someone jammed a knife below it. He manages to remove it and walk out into the hallway, whereupon he's surprised… by Simmons and Ward. Well, that was worth our time. Ward radios to May, who tells him the main issue seems to be in "Avionics Bay 2" and that he and the Geek Squad should check it out. Elsewhere, Coulson radios for help, but Ford smashes the radio's power -- you'll notice once again he took corporeal form to do so -- and the thing dies, so Coulson blames '90s technology, because God forbid you let the fact that someone who's already sabotaged the ship once is running loose stop you from delivering an unfunny line.

Skye is finally fulfilling her lifelong dream of talking to Hannah, and it's watery and boring and they actually show them sitting on opposite sides of the door like this is the sincere fifteen minutes of a rom-com, so here's what you need to know: Skye does not believe in God, but if she did, it wouldn't be the vengeful one the nuns she grew up around told her about. She goes on that the only words that stuck with her were from one kind nun who told her "God is love," and as May appears within earshot, Skye says that that's the version she believes, and if she's right, God wouldn't punish Hannah for making a mistake. "I think he'd forgive a mistake." May looks possibly a bit moved, but she's all business again once she steps out of the shadows and says she'll take over, as Coulson need's Skye's help with the emergency transceiver. Skye doesn't want to go, as riveting a conversationalist as Hannah is, but she heads out with a "try not to hurt her any more than you already have," like, all she did was shoot her with the freakin' night-night gun! That happens practically every act break on this show!

Simmons is babbling about the possibility of the guy's "hell" actually being an alien world, and Fitz attempts an epilogue to last week's "tie-in episode" by mentioning Thor's name like GIVE IT UP ALREADY, but the point is that they've concluded the lab was used to research such portals and the explosion obviously created one, so their "ghost" is a man trapped between their universe and another. That doesn't explain the part where Ford seems to be able to materialize at will to carry out whatever nefarious poltergeistisms that strike his fancy; speaking of which, they check out Ford's handiwork and note that he was "thorough," like, is that because he pulled out all the wires in the handful he grabbed? Do most villains leave a few intact out of laziness and lack of professional pride? Oh and speaking of mischief, after some horror-movie fakeouts that might have been workshopped in a junior-high-school drama program, For… appears and ups the stakes by pushing Fitz and Simmons both into a closet, and which one of them is going to bring up Seven Minutes In Heaven, right? (Spoiler: Neither of them.) He then engages Ward in a fistfight during which he smokes out every time Ward's about to land a punch -- totally trapped between worlds there, no control at all -- and the sequence eventually ends with Ward getting bopped on the head and put in the supply closet with Fitz and Simmons, while Ford -- for his part -- looks at his translucent hand and bellows with rage for… some reason. You said "hell" before, right guy? Use your words!

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.




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