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Trapped in Coulson's office, Skye asks if any of the electronic memorabilia therein still works, while elsewhere, Ward finally regains consciousness and immediately realizes that the fact the guy is still holding a wrench strongly suggests he's the one that loosened the couplings he then reported. It's nice that Ward and Skye are using their brains here even if Skye is driving me nuts generally. Using an old Dick Tracy-esque watch, Coulson gets through to Ward, and the two groups realize May isn't with them -- because she's actually marching Hannah into a barn somewhere and telling her not to worry because she just needs to use her as bait. Hannah manages to mix some sarcasm in through her tears with a "Well, that's comforting" that's a tremendous, if temporary, improvement. May goes on that she wanted to lure Ford away from "my people," which again is something I wouldn't expect Hannah to find particularly inspirational although she stays silent on the subject this time.

Coulson has rigged his watch to the door lock, and using technobabble, Fitz sends a signal that causes a tiny explosion that suffices to break the lock, although not before Coulson gripes that only twenty of the watches were made. Speaking of Coulson and props, by the way, if you're a Clark Gregg fan you might want to check out the episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! that ran this past Friday. When the groups is reunited, they walk through the plane as we FINALLY get an extremely lame prank from Fitz involving a mop head which would be low-budge even by traveling-carnival standards; that, however, wakes Skye up to the fact that Ford's behavior is "childish." Coulson asks what she's getting at, which would be a fair enough question even if we weren't in the last act here.

Hannah's standing in the barn when Ford materializes in front of her -- and the effect is excellent, I should say -- but she barely has time to ask dumbly if it's him before May brings him down with a flying tackle. Like, this is your crack plan? Since you're so big on the night-night gun, why not give that a try while he's in corporeal form? Maybe that way you could even study the phenomenon? But no, May engages him hand-to-hand and suffers the same issues Ward did, although it's only fair to say she's doing better than he did at staying conscious.

Skye is taking entirely too long to get to the point: Ford liked Hannah. He engaged in childish ploys to get her attention, and now that he's dead he's trying to protect her from her tormentors. The team finally manages to get off the plane, whereupon Fitz and Simmons deploy a series of glowing orbs that fly off in different directions to scout the area. Back in the barn, fighting continues, but when Ford sees a loose plank of wood falling toward Hannah -- who, it may surprise you to hear, cowers and whimpers in fear -- he smokes over to catch it and save her. Doing some quick math, May instructs Hannah to tell Ford she won't hurt Hannah; once she complies, Ford drops to his knees and says he's being dragged to hell for what he did. Well, I can see why he likes her -- think of the competitions they could have over who God hates more! Hannah asks what that was, so Ford, his voice giving off a weird modulation that's meant to signal he's literally not all there, confesses to loosening the bolts in an effort to get her to visit, which he says was the best part of his day. Hannah is aghast, which she conveys very subtly by whimpering and crying, and Ford begs for her forgiveness, but Hannah tells him only God can forgive him. Well, I don't think that's true, but what she probably means is that God's forgiveness is the only one that will matter, and May pipes up that God won't forgive him. "You can't undo what's been done. That will be with you forever. But trying to hold onto this life, clinging to the person you thought you could be -- that's hell. And you're dragging her down with you."

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