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Downstairs, a big jolt causes Hall to lose his gun and after Coulson manages to punch him (making contact this time!) and grab it, Hall tells him he sees the future and it's a catastrophe. Coulson, however, dramatically replies that he just sees a lot of people in trouble before theatrically yanking some cables out of the wall… but nothing happens. He urgently tells Fitz his attempt to cut the power failed, so Fitz and Simmons pipe up in unison that he's going to need a catalyst to create a chemical reaction in the core. Coulson then tells Hall it's not too late to do the right thing and, as he sees Ward and Skye at the window (if Coulson were really that concerned about their safety, he would have told them to leave him behind, no?) whitters on about killing innocent people, and Coulson, again, you can make your choice without convincing everyone it's the right choice. I'd think you'd have made your peace with that in your line of work. Also, I guess Hall's intransigence is going to make Coulson's upcoming action seem justified, but I would have found it much more interesting if Coulson were forced to sacrifice a cooperative Hall to save the rest of them. Probably not going to happen on ABC, though, at least not this early in the series. Anyway, you can see where this is going; Coulson concedes that Hall made a hard choice, but now he has to make his -- and he shoots the glass protecting them from the machine (although I have no idea how that thing was protecting them even partially up to this point) and grabs a metal beam, whereupon Hall gets sucked into the gravitonium. It does not look un-painful, but eventually the viscous material envelops him like black oil, whereupon as Skye and Ward finally make it into the room, the machine shuts down. Taking in what just happened, Skye gives what looks like a bit of a scared side-eye in Coulson's direction, and I'm starting to think her retaining some qualms about S.H.I.E.L.D. might be both necessary and good.

Sometime later, Coulson is confirming that S.H.I.E.L.D. is sending what's left of the experiment to "the deepest levels of the fridge," which surely means it's going to get to wave hello to the Ark of the Covenant. However, Coulson specifically adds that he doesn't want the thing flagged for the Slingshot, and I was wondering if he thinks there might be a possibility of eventually saving Hall from the element or possibly if he thinks it might be too unstable to risk sending into the sun. He adds, "It's what Hall would have wanted," which given that you sacrificed him rather than allow him to act on his principles seems really flimsy. Coulson then struggles to empty his gun of ammunition (this same issue is what precipitated Ward to toss that other piece into the laser grid), whereupon May, from the doorway, tells him he's making a habit of it. He supposes he's "a little rusty," and is that supposed to tip us off that he's a robot rather than a clone? That certainly is in the Whedon wheelhouse, and it might explain why he's not feeling like a real person to me; come to think of it, I'd find that a lot more interesting than him being a clone. May, however, steps up and tells him she wants back in the field after all, and when Coulson asks if it's for the cause or just to watch his back, a hint of a smile breaks through on May's lips: "Same thing. And you are a little rusty." Heh.

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