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The driver -- who's got some facial cuts, but otherwise seems okay -- relates how he saw nothing in the air, but his assailants clearly knew their route. Coulson disbelievingly asks if he's saying they were working with someone inside S.H.I.E.L.D., and I guess this is supposed to point us in Skye's direction given her little text at the end of last episode. But Coulson, if you're half the agent you think you are, this possibility should already have occurred to you so how about cutting down on the slow-class melodrama? Simmons, wearing the "full-spectrum goggles," Fitz takes pains to point out he designed, then calls the group over to demonstrate via a handful of dirt she tosses up that gets swept into a little maelstrom that there is an electrostatic field present -- one that's actually not easy to control. Fitz, however, manages to deactivate it with a little tech-fu, whereupon a small device clatters to the ground. Against both what seems sensible and what I'd think is S.H.I.E.L.D. protocol here, Coulson picks the thing up (although Simmons does grab it first with tongs), and Skye asks what it is. To me, it looks like a tiny gyroscope, but Coulson shows that he doesn't confine his wordplay to worthwhile efforts as he intones, "Something big." I realize this sentence is not the most painstakingly crafted either, but try harder, bro.

Back on the plane, Coulson tasks May with reviewing S.H.I.E.L.D.'s communication logs to make sure Hall's route wasn't inadvertently leaked. Skye then pipes up that she could run some computer searches on the tire treads at the scene, but Ward enters having done that and more -- he determined the model and checked any sales of it within a 500-mile radius to people with priors, financial troubles "or a propensity for risk-taking." Brains, brawn and the ability to apple-polish when necessary to show up a trainee? That's hot, Ward. There are three suspects on his list, so Coulson tells him to check out whether any of them might have sold their equipment to the kidnappers. When he's gone off to be even more efficient, Skye is like, so I hear you don't have a truth serum and Coulson's Mona Lisa smile in response is a great complement to Ward's casual assuredness earlier. May then dumps a huge amount of communication records in Skye's lap, and it's good to know she's as good at delegating as she is at martial arts.

At "Barnroof Point, Colorado" (really), a guy on a horse comes to a stop in front of Coulson and Lola and asks who the hell he is; Coulson smoothly replies that the guy sold his excavator to some bad people, and now he's hiding out until things cool down. The guy's response to Coulson's queries is to draw a double-barreled shotgun, which seems like overkill in addition to being just plain inhospitable, but Ward appears out of nowhere and flips the guy out of the saddle by grabbing the gun, noting that the whole scenario feels like the Old West. Coulson asks who paid the guy, but he says he never got a name or saw a face. He does, however, gesture to his saddlebag, so Ward grabs it and shakes the contents onto the ground -- several gold bars. Ward: "Now it really feels like the Old West." You obviously only said the former line to set up the latter, Ward, but you've been on your game lately so I'll allow it.

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