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Night has given way to day and Skye, dressed in a simple short-sleeved solid magenta dress that's decidedly out of step with the rest of the guests' attire, no sooner has taken a glass of champagne and an hors d'oeuvre than does an older Middle Eastern gentleman positively bark "Who are you?" at her. His younger companion apologizes for the brusque question and explains that his English is quite limited, but Skye introduces herself and holds out a hand, which the older guy somewhat reluctantly shakes. He tells her his name is "Qasim Zaghlul," and Skye smoothly recites that he built half of Dubai, including the Arabian Blade, of which she's a big fan. As she goes on to talk about his family, the guy smiles in delight and we then see that Skye's getting all her information in her ear from May and the others back on the plane. From the timing, it's possible that Skye recognized the name on her own -- she certainly knew who Moneybags Quinn was -- but she appreciates the help regardless as, after she's stepped away from Zaghlul, she tells her support, "I could get used to this. It's like Siri if it worked." And another product-placement bridge burned! Skye then gets into what she thinks is spy jargon like how she sees "top dog" and that "the eagle is landing," but when Simmons basically asks if she's having a stroke, she apologizes and says she sees Quinn, so she's going to make contact. I'm not sure that's necessary to the mission, but they have to get all the scenes they can out of a top-billed guest star.

As promised, Skye accosts Quinn and introduces herself, and Quinn also pauses before introducing her, the reason for which becomes clear when we learn that she identified herself as a member of the Rising Tide, an organization he tells the circle of people around him has "gotten some pretty big secrets out to the public." However, he goes on to say that he's a fan, as he believes in more open information and less government infringement. And by the way, it sure was nice work accessing the encrypted back channel by which you requested the invitation! He goes on to offer her a job on the spot, and this seems like an odd conversation to be having in front of several random guests, but I suppose when you're worth as much money as he is you expect people to forgive a few eccentricities. Besides, he is paying for all this. Still, how does he suppose Skye got to Malta? In her van? Quinn doesn't wait for an answer as he rushes off to address the crowd, and when May says in Skye's ear that that went well, Skye at least sounds wary as she agrees, a sentiment of which I'm betting Ward would approve. Quinn tells the crowd that Malta is a place they can pursue progress without interference from meddlers like the US government, the EU, and S.H.I.E.L.D. Skye does look a little discomfited, but she might simply be wondering -- as I am -- if Quinn glued his hair to his head. (It may be his real hair, but it seriously lies on his head like he's Stan Sitwell from Arrested Development.)

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