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A tight shot shows Ward and Fitz lying side-by-side; the camera then pans out to show that they're lying on the road in the mag(netic) pouch Fitz referenced earlier. And not that I think there would ever be anything going on between these two, but even if there would normally be a chance there wouldn't now because Fitz still won't shut up about the goddamn sandwich. I'm kind of sorry I took his side now. Ward then hears a truck coming, so they zip up the pouch, the outside of which camouflages them to the color of the dirt road, and after the truck passes, we see that the pouch must have attached itself to the bottom of the truck. Sadly, it doesn't seem like Ward or Fitz is a Breaking Bad fan, otherwise I can't imagine we wouldn't hear a "Magnets, bitch!" It's kind of obligatory.

Apparently Coulson didn't turn Skye over to anyone higher up at S.H.I.E.L.D., but he's not exactly happy with her either as he reminds her he promised to look into her family. Skye, however, informs him she was looking for information on the "suicide mission," adding that once Ward and Fitz disable the device, the compound is going to get hit hard and there are no plans to evacuate them. Coulson agitatedly pulls her out of the pedestrian traffic and points out she doesn't have the clearance to know that, to which she asks if secrets are really what S.H.I.E.L.D. is all about? I hate to answer what might be a rhetorical question, but YES! Coulson, just as hotly, tells Skye that she hacked plans for which she has no context and their exposure could cost Ward and Fitz their lives. and by the way, given all the issues Skye seems to have with them, does she even want to be a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent? Skye assures him she does, so he tells her someday he may need to trust her with a secret and he'll need to know she can keep it. She doesn't let him go without asking one more thing, though -- did Coulson know there was no extraction plan? Coulson replies that that's classified, but I don't know why he didn't just respond "That's none of your business, young lady." You know he wanted to!

Fitz and Ward have reached the exterior of the stronghold, and Fitz talks about setting up what Simmons calls "the magic window," which he explains is a kind of radar imaging system that will essentially allow them to see through the wall. Ward, however, isn't really paying attention as, using a high-powered light, he's just signaled for extraction -- and apparently, from his facial expression, gotten no response. Fitz gets the window going, and given that in its resting state it just looks like a thin sheet of clear plastic, it's some pretty cool effects work to see the blurry images appear from within. Fitz gives a running commentary as he sees two guards with automatic weapons, then three, then the third guy kicking the asses of the other two: "Oh my God, Ward, he's attacking the others!" Hee. Ward then opens the door from inside, and Fitz is like, right… now it all makes sense. Inside, they find the Overkill Device and Fitz gets to work. Once they get the outer casing off and see the yellow energy source, Fitz tells Ward it's going to take him a while, and Ward replies that he has ten minutes. Fitz, jumping his line: "I thought you'd say five." Ha!

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.




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