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Smooth Criminal

Flashback. Tiller's at the prison barber, getting a hot shave. Accompanied by a guard, Sweeney comes in. "I see you got my invitation," Tiller says. Sweeney accuses Tiller of stealing something from his cell. Tiller denies it, which kind of confuses Sweeney. "They why am I here?" he asks. "I want a piece of your operation," Tiller says. Sweeney scoffs, thinking he still has the upper hand. Without his operation, the inmates would riot. "So until I get my box back, consider me closed for business." At this point, the barber accidentally nicks Tiller's cheek with the razor. Tiller grabs the man's wrist. For a second, it looks like he's going to lose his cool, but then he gives a little speech about how one should shave with the grain and not against. "When you go against the grain? That's when you get nicked." That's weird, because it looked like the barber was going with the grain there. But that wouldn't have suited Tiller's metaphor.

Later, in the laundry room, Sweeney is griping to Harlan. "You ever see a dog lay down and show its belly to another dog? That's that dog's way of saying the bigger dog is in charge." Sometimes, it's just the dog's way of saying, "Hey, wanna check out my weenie?" Sweeney says he can't let Tiller get away with taking his box. Harlan suggests Sweeney make a deal with Tiller somewhere private, so as to not lose face. He generously offers to help Sweeney get assigned to steward's duty at the warden's house for Tiller's upcoming birthday party.

Doc and Rebecca walk toward the last house on their list. They visited all the people in person? Wouldn't it have been quicker to call? They're met outside the door by Mr. Bailey's wife, who's just arriving home herself. Mrs. Bailey does some stellar screaming when she finds her husband bloody and dead inside. It's the necklace guy.

At the same time, Sweeney arrives at his next bank of choice. As he waits in line, he makes eyes at the teller behind the counter.

Flashback to the warden's residence on the night of the party. Harlan and Sweeney have their steward livery on as they set the table. Warden James comes in, all duded up in a tuxedo, and tells them, "Let's give old E.B. a night he'll never forget." As the guests arrive, Tiller walks in with a woman who leans against him for support. Sweeney describes her as "Tiller's gimp sister" who lives with him. More importantly, she's Geri Jewell, whom you might remember from The Facts of Life and/or Deadwood. Warden James compliments her and she makes a joke about wanting to wear her birthday suit, but her prudish brother wouldn't let her.

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