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Do the Wrong Thing

Morgue, present day. Rebecca and Doc drop by to ask Nikki about the case. They show her photos of the first murder in 1958. The cuts are different. The first one is jagged, the new one is clean, showing no hesitation. Nikki suggests it's not the same killer. One victim was killed by a right-handed person, the other by a leftie. To demonstrate the different cuts, she takes Doc's hands and guides them over her own throat. Doc's going to write about that in his diary tonight.

Doc and Rebecca return to the hub. Hauser, thinking that they're dealing with two different killers, is eager to hand the case back to the cops. Rebecca talks him into giving them 12 hours, and then sorts through a box Clarence's prison belongings. He had prescriptions for vitamin B6 and penicillin, a cache of delicious recipes, and an article with Emmitt's name conveniently circled. Doc immediately knows who it is. "Small-time Harlem gangster, released in '61, a big player in the Black Panther Party," he recites from memory.

They head to Emmitt's apartment for a chat. Rebecca, seeing his wheelchair, asks him if he was in the war. He says he was -- but it's not the war she's thinking of. He talks about joining up with Bobby Seale and cops shooting him in the back. Rebecca brings the topic around to Clarence. Clarence and his girlfriend were planning to run away together the night she died, Emmitt tells them. He insists his friend was innocent. Rebecca asks whether Clarence was right or left-handed, but Emmitt doesn't remember. Nikki calls just as Rebecca and Doc head out to the street. There was a hair on the victim from an African-American male, Nikki says. The world's fastest DNA test shows that he has Wilson's disease, which causes a buildup of copper in the body. (Colloidal silver in some of the inmates and now copper? Related or coincidence?) "Patients can't even move or think coherently without proper treatment," she says. The treatment? Penicillamine and B6. Back in the day, they would have used plain old penicillin.

A catering van pulls up outside a country club. Clarence gets out and tells some club worker how to reheat the food, then grabs a nice jacket from the front seat. Wouldn't the club have its own chefs?

Flashback. It's Clarence's first day in the kitchen. The menu promises Annie May's Smoked Pork ribs, peas & carrots, back eyed peas, biscuits and Goldie's Carolina Tea Cakes. Clarence is hard at work, saucing up a tray of ribs, when Warden James helps himself to a sample. He makes appreciative noises. "If we were in private, you would see my true intentions with this bone." Dirty! Clarence beams and thanks the Warden for the new job. "Mark the day, son," says Warden James. "Your new future has begun." Later, in retrospect, this will sound so much more ominous.

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