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Do the Wrong Thing

Hauser makes his way to the landing outside the bedroom window. Clarence sits inside, looking miserable. Hauser tries to convince him to come out. "I know you were innocent," he says. "Not anymore," Clarence says. "I killed those girls on the golf course." Clarence goes into the living room, tells his friend the same thing. "I can't stop myself," he adds. He begs his friend for help. "Don't let them take me back in." Emmitt looks at him for a long time, and then shoots him in the chest just as Rebecca kicks in the Swiss cheese of his front door. Emmitt surrenders without a fight.

Park. Hauser meets with the Chief of Police. "My boys are getting ruffled," he says. "They don't take kindly to all these usurpations." To smooth things over, Hauser gives him a file with information about Ellen Casey's true murderer. The mugshot shows an older white man.

Back at the Hub, Rebecca and Doc watch the chief's press conference. They wonder what turned Clarence into a murderer. Doc mentions some weird experiments being done in the prisons back then. He didn't think they were being conducted at Alcatraz... until now.

Flashback. Lucy has another meeting with Clarence. She shows him pictures of Ellen's posed body and one of the recently deceased Chatty. Lucy says he can't move past his trauma. "You're forced to repeat it, like a skipping record," she says. "Your record is stuck at the moment you killed Ellen Casey." He denies killing her. Lucy says she wants to help him, offers to take the memories away, but Clarence doesn't think he can be stopped now. He looks like he's going to cry.

Dr. Beauregard and Warden James watch from the next room over. "Clarence Montgomery, the only innocent lamb in our pasture," the Warden says. "Not anymore," Beauregard reminds him. Apparently the Warden asked Beauregard to conduct the experiment, but he's still not giving the good doctor much to go on. Beauregard wants to know what's being done to the blood between the time he takes it from the inmates and puts it back in. "I don't do anything to it, Milton," Warden James says. "What kind of warden would I be if I kept secrets from my staff?" Beauregard looks like he doesn't believe him, but he doesn't press the issue. He wants to survive to the end of the season, at least.

Tippi Blevins disappeared from prison 50 years ago and then mysteriously reappeared to write about this show. Email her at, or find her on Twitter.

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