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The Importance of Beating Ernest

They figure out that if Cobb was using his weapon of choice, an old Winchester, then he'd be no more than 500 yards away. This leads them to the hilltop, where Madsen proceeds to find a shell casing and handle it with her bare hands. If they'd been wrong and it wasn't Cobb, that really would have screwed with their evidence. Not that Little Miss Picture-Stealer would care about that. She catches sight of Alcatraz from the hilltop. "Another killer back from the Rock and we have two days to catch him," she reminds us for no real reason. Cue the crappy opening voice-over. Alcatraz!

1960. Ernest Cobb settles into his new cell with a sigh of bliss. Alone at last! Then a gabby guy in the cell next to him starts talking to him and won't shut up. Cobb starts pacing in frustration. He sees the guards take Jack Sylvane away; it's the day Tiller pissed around with Jack and wouldn't let him see his wife. Gabby says Jack is going to solitary. The wheels start turning in Cobb's head.

Hole in the Woods. Lucy pays Jack a visit and asks him about Cobb and where they've both been for the last 50 years. She's terribly polite about it. You'd think the government would have him in a lab somewhere. Jack doesn't have any answers for her. She shows him the giant key he stole from Barclay Flynn. "Did someone ask you to get it?" she asks. "I don't know," he says. In a surveillance room, some techs monitor a lie detector readout. "He's telling the truth," a tech says to Hauser. Hauser looks doubtful.

Alca-Hub. Soto and Madsen have uncovered a box of Cobb's personal belongings. They don't get far into it before Hauser and Lucy return. Hauser tells them that ballistics confirmed that Cobb was using an old Winchester. Madsen figures he must have gotten it from a specialty gun shop, which is kind of a leap, since he could have easily gotten it from whomever is behind the mystery. She and Soto head off to investigate. "You wanted children," Hauser says to Lucy. "Go babysit." He talks like they're maybe a couple, although she appears to be half his age. Not that that's necessarily odd, or anything. Lucy tags along with the newbies.

On the first try, they hit a gun shop that happens to be the gun shop where Cobb bought his Winchester. The salesman tells her he bought the gun with a prepaid credit card and left no name or address. Charlton Heston would be proud. Madsen gets a look at the shop's security video. Lucky for her, Cobb slapped a hotel key on the counter while digging out his credit card. It's an old-timey key with a big room marker attached, so they'll have no problem narrowing down his possible location. A cutaway shows Cobb in his dingy room, readying his gun.

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