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The Importance of Beating Ernest

To solve the mystery, Madsen tries to get into Cobb's head by sitting in his old cell with his belongings. Soto brings her a letter from an Eloise Monroe that was never delivered to Cobb. It turns out she was his little sister and she wanted to apologize for their mother being unkind. Soto and Madsen figure Cobb was pissed that his little sister got to be raised by their mother. Eloise died in a car accident, so with her off the list they don't know who Cobb might be going after next.

1960. When it's time for morning count at the prison, Cobb politely declines to comply. This leads to his transfer to a cell in solitary, which pleases him just fine.

Present day. Madsen sits in that same cell. Out of Cobb's belongings, she puts together a crude scope out of a telescope lens, notched magazine, rubber band and the lens from a pair of glasses. It works well enough that Cobb could have sat in his cell and viewed the city beyond. He watched and waited for the day he could get out and start killing again. That day is now: He sets up some distance from a mega-mart and picks off shoppers and crows, one by one, the whole time muttering his numeric mantra.

1960. Warden James pays Cobb a visit in solitary. He commends Cobb for committing a minor infraction in order to force his hand. "You win, son, fair and square," James says. Cobb seems quite pleased with himself until his cell door opens and James brings in his new roomie. It's Gabby, and he starts blabbing a mile a minute about nothing important. Cobb freaks out. "You can't do this!" he protests. "It's my prison," James says. "I can do whatever the hell I like." Gabby blabs and blabs, faster and faster like a lunatic auctioneer. Cobb screams and tries to focus on the tranquility of the city outside the windows. Gabby's voice fades into the background.

Alca-Hub. Soto frets that they've lost their chance to catch Cobb, seeing as how he's now made his third attack and will go underground. Madsen thinks shooting Lucy doesn't count because it's not part of his pattern, so he still has one more to go. They do some computer magic and figure out which buildings Cobb might use as his next vantage point, based on what he could have seen from his cell in 1963. Or he could use a hill again, right? Hauser joins them. Lucy is stable, he says, although the doctors don't know her prognosis yet. Madsen figures Cobb will be at one of two buildings, shooting down on either Pier 31 or Fort Mason. Off they go to track him down.

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