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The Importance of Beating Ernest

Hauser takes one building and Madsen takes the other. Hauser gets to his rooftop first and sees Cobb already in position on the other. He scopes out a market below and mumbles on about his 47 fence slats. Just as he gets a girl in his sights, Madsen comes up behind him, startling him. He shoots in her direction, missing, then tries to refocus on his target. Madsen hides around a corner. Hauser joins her on the rooftop. For an old guy, he can really book. Madsen tells Cobb about the letter his sister sent him. She offers to show it to him. For some odd reason, she puts down her gun and steps out into the open. For some even odder reason, he doesn't shoot her where she stands. He's distracted enough that Hauser can come around the other side, surprising him. Madsen jumps Cobb and forces him to the floor. Hauser puts a bullet through Cobb's shooting hand, just for good measure.

Hospital. Hauser watches Lucy, still unconscious. In the hall nearby, Soto confides to Madsen that he doesn't think he's cut out for all this. He's the only one who's even close to being appropriately weirded out by any of this crap. "I'm afraid I'm not gonna be good at it," he says. "Too late, you already are," she says. Aw. Hate levels decreasing.

Hole in the Woods. Hauser brings Cobb to his new cell, right next to Jack Sylvane's. They seem genuinely surprised to see each other. "I could have killed you today," Hauser says. "Now that you're here, you're gonna wish I had." Flashback to 1960. Warden James visits Cobb in the infirmary, where he's been outfitted with a straitjacket and leg shackles. "Time and again you've found your way into solitary," James says, "and damned if I can figure out why." Cobb says nothing. James says he's found a doctor who might be able to help him. "If anyone could figure out what's gone amiss in that noggin of yours, it's this lady right here." In walks a young woman in a smart blue suit. It's Lucy Banerjee, or at least that's what we've known her as so far. "Hello, Mr. Cobb, my name is Lucille Sengupta," she says with a pleasant smile. "I'm here to help you." Man, and I thought Hauser looked good for his age.

Tippi Blevins disappeared from prison fifty years ago and then mysteriously reappeared to write about this show. Email her at, or find her on Twitter.

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