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The Long, Long, Long Con

Lucy moves from her reverie to the computers, complimenting the improvements Doc made to them. With impeccable timing, the computer chimes in with a report of the armored car robbery. Lucy and Doc read over the details together and come to the same conclusion at the same time: "Garrett Stillman." They share an info dump about Stillman being a former strategist for the British military, had a high IQ and a penchant for armored cars. Lucy talks about being a "gamesman" who planned elaborate heists.

As part of that elaborate heist, Stillman hands off a bag of cash to his accomplices. They pull into an alley and everyone but Stillman heads for a parked van. "Nice job, see you at the pub," Stillman calls after them. The accomplices are probably all thinking what a nice guy he is for a thief, right up until the moment they get into the van and it explodes. Stillman watches the whole thing without surprise. Cue the intro.

Doc and Rebecca get to the alley. One of the accomplices survived because, as an EMT on the scene says, the blast shot him clear of the fire. Of course, his bones probably look like cracker meal now. Doc and Rebecca talk out the details of the crime and realize Stillman wasn't after the money, seeing as how he left it burning in the van. He just wanted the armored car.

Bynum Security. Rebecca talks to the guard from the stolen armored car. It turns out that was the third car stolen in the last month. Yet somehow it didn't ping on the computer until now. The guard IDs Stillman from his mugshot and says he had a real uniform, complete with a real badge code that couldn't have been counterfeited. Rebecca gets a call about the surviving accomplice and tells the guard's boss to change all the badge codes. You'd think they would have already done that, knowing that several cars had already been stolen. Dumb.

Back on the island, Lucy and Hauser have a chance to chat. She's pleased with how Rebecca's doing on the team, but Hauser thinks Rebecca makes everything too personal. "You mean she doesn't shoot first, ask questions later?" Lucy asks. Hee. Lucy can stay. Hauser thinks it's a flaw that the inmates could exploit. "You can't see it, can you?" Lucy asks. "You were just like her, once." Sadness. A sub-hub nerd named Warren comes in with a scan of all the areas beneath the lighthouse. Hauser doesn't think there's anything in there, but Lucy tells him about a bulkhead that used to be there.

Hospital. The accomplice tells Rebecca that Stillman made up fake contest with a vacation prize to get a Bynum employee out of his apartment for a few weeks. Then he broke in and stole his uniform. Nobody was any the wiser. Rebecca finds out that some guy was supplying Stillman with his guns, but the accomplice never met him. Rebecca and Doc walk out of the room. "This guy helping Stillman - you think he's another '63 or just a regular person?" Doc asks. "I don't know, but maybe it's the same guy that gave Jack Sylvane his gun, Ernest Cobb his rifle," she says. Doc adds, "Cal Sweeney the numbers on the safety [sic] deposit box with the key in it." He thinks for a second. "So if we catch Stillman, maybe we'll catch his handler," Doc says. "Maybe we'll get answers," Rebecca adds. Hey, show? If you're back for another season, please stop assuming your viewers are brain dead iguanas. It's one thing to have your characters connect the dots for the audience, but they don't need to do it with road flares and neon signs. It's dumb and annoying.

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