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The Long, Long, Long Con

Stillman drives the armored car into a dilapidated warehouse and parks it next to its two missing siblings, then flashes back to 1960. He sits in on the parole board hearing. Aboard member bangs a gavel and says, "Please remember our decision will remain sealed and confidential until delivered to the governor." That's just in case you wondered later how this whole dumb caper was pulled off without anyone knowing about it. Harlan Simmons is called forward. (He's the youngster who took over the laundry scheme in the Cal Sweeney episode.) He pleads his case with eloquence and politeness, but Deputy Tiller steps forward to testify against him. The board members fill out triplicate forms in the negative and then toss the carbon sheets into the trash, all while Stillman watches. After everybody else leaves, Warden James sits down beside Stillman. "Mr. Simmons won't be eligible for parole again until 1965 and I'd prefer him off my island before that time." He wants Stillman to steal the board's paperwork and replace it with something more favorable to Harlan. He offers Stillman the laundry racket as payment. The parole board will be having lunch at the warden's residence later that day, giving Stillman three hours to come up with a plan.

Present. Stillman walks over to an old Streamline trailer and knocks on the door before entering. "You get me the crew I asked for?" he asks the man inside. "Ready and waiting," comes the answer. It's Tommy Madsen. He peels an apple. This is important later. Strangely, even though the other inmates have been blending into their surroundings, Tommy still has his 1960 flattop and clothes.

Alcatraz storage room. Rebecca sorts through Stillman's old belongings, to no avail. Lucy walks in and offers to answer any questions she has. "Where'd you get that frosty lipgloss?" Sorry, that's just my question. It's very pretty. They talk about Tommy. He was charming at times, cunning and ruthless. Lucy says he was patient. "He could peel apples in a single strip." So can I, and I am the opposite of patient. Lucy doesn't know why Tommy killed Rebecca's partner. She knows they took a lot of blood from Tommy, but not why. She tried to look into it, but backed off when "Emerson" asked her to. This makes Rebecca realize Lucy and Hauser knew each other back then. Off Lucy's sad expression, she also realizes the two were a couple. She tells Rebecca sweet things about young Hauser that kind of blow Rebecca's mind. "Sounds like we're not even talking about the same guy!" she says. "I know," Lucy answers sadly. Rebecca wonders what made him change. Uh, how about mysteriously losing his girlfriend? "For the past 50 years, he's been trying to find me," Lucy says, "and now I'm trying to find him." Aw. See, this kind of talking isn't so bad. It's info dump, but with heart.

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