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The Long, Long, Long Con

Doc calls them back up to the hub. He's found out that Broadway Mutual, one of Bynum Security's biggest clients, was founded by Harlan Simmons. Nobody's seen him since the '70s -- not because he's missing, but because he's a recluse. Doc thinks Stillman aims to steal a bunch of money from Harlan.

Flashback. In the mess hall, Stillman recruits someone to steal the carbon papers from the trash, someone to forge the signatures and someone to get him into the warden's luncheon.

Present. Rebecca and Doc drop by Broadway Mutual. They talk to a security guy who shows them into a vault, which is really more of a storage closet. The security guy says the money is electronic. Rebecca wonders why Broadway Mutual needs Bynum Security. "If they're not moving money for you, then what are they moving?" she asks. The guy has no idea. As Rebecca and Doc walk off, unsatisfied, the security guy sends a text message to someone. The message goes to someone on Stillman's crew. They're all sitting in a van, waiting for the location of their pickup. They get it from the security guy's message, and then Stillman shoots one of his crew and dumps him out onto the street.

Warren leads Hauser to a spot under the lighthouse where a thermal scan shows a cavity behind one of the walls. Hauser tells him to get the team and some sledgehammers.

Hub. Lucy and Doc do some computer stuff and find out that Bynum moves a secret package for Broadway Mutual once a month. "Whatever it is, Mr. Simmons doesn't want it in the same location long enough for anyone to find it," Lucy says. Hauser joins them. Everybody talks some more and figures out that Stillman is trying to scare Harlan into moving the secret package ahead of schedule. They intercept the text about moving the package and hustle. Lucy stays behind so she can interview the inmates. As Hauser leaves, she calls after him: "Try not to shoot anyone if you can possibly help it!" Hee. "I don't know what you're talking about," he calls back.

Flashback. Stillman shows up to the luncheon in a steward's uniform. His accomplice panics because Warden James will know he's not one of the usual stewards. Stillman is very nonchalant about the whole thing as he shows up next to the table. The Warden is shaken by his appearance and has to launch into a story about civet poop coffee to cover his reaction. Deputy Tiller looks suspicious, as usual. After the lunch, Stillman lets his inside man know he made the switch. The rat immediately rats him out to Tiller. Tiller reaches into Stillman's jacket pocket and snatches out an envelope. Stillman only looks slightly peeved. Also, there are too many similar names in this episode. "Stillman" almost sounds like a portmanteau of "Tiller" and "Simmons."

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