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The Long, Long, Long Con

By the time Rebecca and Hauser find him, he's dead. Rebecca finds apple peelings next to the body. It's a good thing Lucy just happened to tell her about Tommy Madsen's displays of patience or Rebecca might have suspected Johnny Appleseed. Doc, waiting in the car outside, sees a white truck pull up. Before he can get a look at the driver's face, the high beams come on, obscuring his view. The truck speeds away as Doc frantically shouts for Rebecca.

Back on the island, Warren shows Hauser to the door he's found hidden beyond the wall. Hauser's all excited and digs out his two big keys. His excitement fades when he turns the keys and a panel slides back, revealing another keyhole.

Woodsy prison. Lucy interviews Ernest Cobb. She wants to know why he shot her. He explains she's a target and not because she was tracking him. "As long as you're alive, you'll always be a target."

Hub. Rebecca and Doc track down traffic camera snapshots and find the white truck. They get a good look at the driver. "Oh, my God," Rebecca whispers. "That's your grandfather," Doc says, as if she wouldn't recognize him. Then, just in case she forgot the guy's name, he adds, "Tommy Madsen!" Then, to drive the point home even further, he also adds: "He's the handler!" The music tries to make it sound all shocking and dramatic. It's not.

Tippi Blevins disappeared from prison 50 years ago and then mysteriously reappeared to write about this show. Email her at, or find her on Twitter.

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