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Alca-Hub. Rebecca finds Hauser in the Gallery, studying the board of retrieved 63s. "I'm not the first Madsen you've asked to be on this task force, am I?" she asks. "That's why Ray's not freaking out about Guy Hastings showing up." Yeah, but nobody on this show freaks out. Is that really much of an indicator? Hauser admits he offered Ray a job, but that was when Ray had just started taking care of Rebecca. Rebecca realizes that Hauser needs someone with ties to Tommy for some reason. "Now I know my grandfather is more important to you than I ever imagined," she says. "Which means you need me more than I need you." With that, Rebecca leaves Hauser to stew in his own grumpy juices. He goes over to Tommy's photo and lays his hand on the board. A strand of wooden beads is wrapped around his fingers. It must be important because a spotlight shines on it. Take note!

Ray's Bar. The night's patrons have gone. Only Ray is left when the door opens. It's Tommy. Ray isn't surprised to see him. "I told you never to come back here," he says. "You gave up the house," Tommy reminds him. "What else was I supposed to do?" Tommy also reminds him of the good old days, when Ray would do anything to protect him. That was before Rebecca, Ray says. "Every minute that you're near puts her in harm's way," Ray says. "If I see you again, I'll kill you." He looks like he means it. Tommy looks like he knows it.

Tippi Blevins disappeared from prison fifty years ago and then mysteriously reappeared to write about this show. Email her at, or find her on Twitter.

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