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The Future is Now

The A-Team heads into a Chinese herb shop. The proprietor recognizes McKee's mugshot and starts speaking to them in Chinese. (Mandarin? Cantonese? I'm half Chinese and I have no idea.) Oddly enough, it's not the dim sum-loving Rebecca who understands him, but Hauser. He gives them an address where the nightshade was delivered to McKee. He also gives Hauser a parcel of herbs for his "murky chi." Heh. Can this guy join the team?

The address points them to an abandoned high school. Inside is McKee's lab. And the poor, dead mouse. They notice a faint which of fresh-cut grass. Doc takes a look at McKee's blackboard full of notes, googles something and realizes McKee has made phosgene. "In low concentrations, its odor resembles hay or grass," he reads. He also reads a list of horrible things it does. This is the point at which I, having smelled that grassy smell, would have run from the room while breathing into my shirt. Everyone just kind of stands around, continuing to breathe in low concentrations of poison. It's apparently what he used in the pool. Also on the blackboard: "The future is now." Doc just happens to have that Jules Verne article with him. It's about an underwater subway that leads San Francisco to Oakland.

Sure enough, McKee is on a train somewhere along the Transbay Tube. The car is full of men in blue and yellow vests and baseball caps. Sports thing? I have no idea. He quietly takes out the engineer with a poison-soaked rag to the face.

Flashback. The inmates have gathered in a makeshift theater for movie night. Grindle takes a seat in front of McKee while the bully Cullen takes a seat beside him. Towards the end of the movie, McKee takes out his poisonous shiv. Mamie dances and sings and then the credits roll. Most of the prisoners file out of the room, including Grindle. It's Cullen who's dead, foaming at the mouth with a small scratch at the back of his neck. Nightshades can be extremely toxic, even fatal when ingested, but I don't think the droplet he has on the end of his shiv is enough to do the job. Especially when it's just scratched into the skin. The guards discover the crime and make everyone line up. "Who do you think had the stones to kill Cullen?" Grindle asks. "Could be anyone," McKee says. "Nobody likes a bully."

Alca-Hub. The team pulls up a map of the subway system. It shows that one of the trains has stopped. They're on the phone with some guy and ask, "What's the quickest way down there?" The guy thinks for a minute. "The quickest way from the island of Alcatraz? To an underwater subway several miles away? Why, that would be a wormhole!" Or maybe he just tells them to take a maintenance car to the emergency escape tunnel.

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