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At the same time that the team is on the phone, McKee has stopped the train and hooked up a canister of phosgene to the vent system. Safely sealed in the engineer's compartment, he watches as the gas fills the train and the passengers begin to cough. Miraculously, the team arrives on the scene, having traveled from the island in mere moments. Hauser finds an axe and breaks the windows, freeing the passengers. McKee runs for it. Rebecca chases after him. They fight in the maintenance tunnels. Rebecca knocks him over onto the rails. A jolt of electricity knocks him out. Kind of anticlimactic.

Alca-Hub. Doc and Rebecca watch the evening news. The police are apparently blaming the incident on a faulty vent system. "Where do they come up with that stuff?" Doc asks. "Where do you think?" Rebecca asks in answer. In other news, Doc has dug up some info on the mysterious Ginny. Her face was burned by acid dye, also known as ferrocyanide. They realize McKee was the culprit, but why?

For an answer, we get another flashback. Lucy and Warden James take another whack at Johnny McKee. They ask him about Ginny. He tries to put on cocky airs, but Lucy sees through him. Eventually, he admits she wasn't his girlfriend. He insists that all they did was go to the malt shop that one time, but Lucy knows different. She recounts what actually happened. Ginny took him to the roof of the gym, kissed him, got him naked, and then turned on the lights. The football team was there, laughing at him. They threw firecrackers at him, one of which blew off his testicles. "I can help you with that memory," Lucy says. "I can make it go away." Either she didn't succeed or someone else came along later and gave him back the memory. McKee tearfully admits it's all true and that he burned Ginny with acid. "You asked me what I dream about? I dream about her face."

Woodsy Prison. Hauser drops in to visit Lucy, but Jack asks to see him first. He gives back the photo of his wife. "I'm done staring at pictures of dead people, thinking about a life I'm never gonna have." You know what he does have, though? A tight T-shirt. Woof. Jack says he doesn't dream anymore. He means it in the literal sense as well as the figurative. Finally, Hauser goes to Lucy. He picks up The Carpetbaggers, amused when the dust jacket comes off and reveals the real book underneath. It's The Metamorphoses of Ovid. Because love changes people as well as gods, he begins to read to her.

Tippi Blevins disappeared from prison 50 years ago and then mysteriously reappeared to write about this show. Email her at, or find her on Twitter.

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