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Hide Your Kids

Also kind of strangely convenient? Even though it's the weekend, Nelson and Dylan appear to be the only people on the lake. After pretending to fish for a while, Nelson orders Dylan into the water. When the kid hesitates, Nelson throws him in and then jumps in after him. "Now I want you to hold me under for as long as you can," Nelson says. "I can't -- you're bigger than me," Dylan says. "Just do it! And don't let me up!" Dylan, his teeth chattering, finally shoves Nelson's head under water. After a few seconds, Nelson pops back up and says, "Your turn."

Rebecca and Doc arrive at the lake some time after Nelson and Dylan have left. The rental guy told them that the two were wet when they left. Rebecca thinks out loud. "They went swimming? So he wants someone to play with?" Doc says a witness in 1958 saw Nelson playing miniature golf with one of his victims. They figure that Nelson is letting his victims pick fun things to do before they die. Doc looks sick at that. "You okay?" Rebecca asks. Of course he's not okay! He's a normal human being unlike the rest of you lot! Anyway, he pretends like he's fine and off they go looking for clues.

1960. Warden James visits Nelson in the infirmary with a wheelchair and takes him for a little ride through the prison. After he's wheeled Nelson a good distance from the infirmary, he brings up the reason for their meeting. Nelson's father wants to visit him. At hearing this, Nelson looks panicked. He doesn't want to see his father. In fact, his father's not even on his list of approved visitors. Warden James magnanimously volunteers to amend the list, saying they both served two tours in the war. After that, he makes Nelson get out of the chair, then wheels it away, making Nelson hobble all the way back to the infirmary on his own.

Alca-Hub. Hauser's on the phone, telling someone to cancel the AMBER Alert on Dylan. Whoever is on the other end must mention Lucy, because Hauser gets all flustered and shouts that she's still in the hospital. He throws down the phone. He touches Lucy's jacket and glasses still on her desk. This seems to calm him down a bit until he suddenly knocks her chair aside. He either loves Lucy or hates furniture.

Rebecca and Doc talk to Dylan's mom about his hobbies. He likes comic books and cartoons. He doesn't care anything for fishing or other outdoorsy things. Doc starts having a minor freakout as he realizes he's read the clues wrong. He starts going on about cherry pie until Rebecca asks him to wait outside. As Doc makes his way out front, he sees all the cops leaving. They tell him about the alert being canceled. Hauser drives up just in time for Doc to confront him. "You did this? You canceled the AMBER Alert?" he asks. "Yeah, I did, for the greater good," Hauser says. He plans to just wait until Kit Nelson shows back up with the kid on Sunday night. You know, when the kid is already dead. Hauser doesn't want Nelson's picture getting out to the media. Doc blows up on him. "It's complicated," Hauser sighs. "No, it's simple!" Doc shouts. "I know this because I'm a human being!" By now Rebecca has joined them and tells Doc to calm down. He storms off down the street. "He's just not cut out for this job," Hauser says. Because he's not a soulless robot, you mean? Rebecca tries to walk off the job in a show of support, but Hauser snits that she'll never find her grandfather now. She points out there's more at stake than that and stomps off so he can stand there all alone, looking ridiculous in his wayfarer sunglasses.

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