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Sometimes They Come Back

As they make their way onto the island the next morning, Soto pulls Madsen away from the stream of tourists. They head into an area that's been blocked off by a very low-hanging chain which they just step right over. Soto tells her they're going to the barracks, where the guards lived with their families. It's just as depressing a place as one would imagine. They get to Soto's mystery room and find it blocked off by a gate. Madsen gets to work picking the lock. "Aren't you kind of young to be a detective?" Soto asks. "Yeah, I get that a lot," she says. "Bet you have a pretty cool origin story," he says. I bet not. She explains: "I was raised by a cop. He'd bring his cases home. I'd read them before bed, put Post-its where I thought he should look. I actually helped him solve a few cases." Ooh, don't make me hate you halfway through the first episode, lady. She gets through the lock (she studied locksmithing in kindergarten) and they find a room stacked floor to ceiling with file boxes and inmates' personal effects. Suddenly, the lights click off. A smoke bomb rolls towards them. One sniff and our intrepid trespassers drop to the floor, unconscious.

Madsen wakes up to voices. "This is a mistake," Hauser says. "She found us, she won't stop until she finds him," a woman says. "We need her, Hauser." Beside her, Soto is just coming to. They're somewhere in Alcatraz, in a part of the prison that's been outfitted with high-tech computers and lab equipment. Regarding gassing them, Hauser explains: "We have strict protocols for dealing with intruders here." Yes, because gassing them won't raise any questions. The unknown woman introduces herself, "Lucy Banerjee." She compliments Madsen on stealing the photo from the crime scene. It was bold and effective! Hate levels rising. Madsen is suspicious because she knows Hauser doesn't really work for the feds. He says he's tracking down certain criminals for the government. Eventually, they get around to the subject of Jack Sylvane. A street camera caught him following Tiller home the other night. He should be 85, but he looks like a 40-year-old Eddie Bauer model. For some reason, Madsen is only very mildly surprised by this. When Hauser gets a call about Jack's Alcatraz uniform turning up downtown, Madsen talks her way into going with him.

1960. After his stint in the hole, Jack winds up in the infirmary. Not because he's sick, but because a doctor is taking kind of a lot of blood from him. After the doctor leaves, prisoner 2002 on the other side of a privacy screen strikes up a conversation with him. He mentions a secret layer of the prison "below the hole," but Jack just wants to mope. 2002 warns him about terrible things about to happen, but gets no more specific than that.

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