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The Legend of Hurley's Gold

Present. Rebecca goes up to the main cell block. "Doc," she whispers. "What am I whispering for?" Heh. She calls out, louder this time. She sees blood on the floor and whips out her gun. She finds Dandruff Guy. He's shedding flakes in heaven now.

Hauser walks into the Hub and finds it abandoned. He checks the security video and sees what's been going on. He's like, "Damn it, now I'm going to need to find another Dandruff Guy!" Seriously, he seems not at all upset to see the guy get bludgeoned.

The Ames brothers stash Doc in the Hole in case they need him later. Doc isn't crazy about the idea, but he's even more eager to learn the identity of their accomplice. Instead of answering him, they have a flashback. They've pulled kitchen duty and use the facilities to make lost-wax copies of the keys. The spoon they got from their fellow inmate earlier has been ground to shavings and melted. All this happens while Officer Donovan stands guard. When it's time for the shift change, Herman isn't finished with the keys. To buy his brother a little more time, Pinky puts an inmate's hand through a saw while the poor guy's slicing up some steaks. Blood! Screaming! Distraction! But it's not enough to keep Officer Archer from noticing the stray bits of metal the brothers left behind. He looks more suspicious than ever.

Present. Rebecca prowls around the dark prison, calling for Doc. A man walks up behind her and she knocks him to the floor. He's wearing a park ranger's uniform. He begs for his life and says he was hiding from these two guys. "What's your name?" she asks. "Donovan," he says. "Ranger Donovan." He says he's new to the job. He lies and says the two guys were headed for the lighthouse.

The two guys are wandering around, looking for Donovan. Herman wants to cut Donovan out of their plans. Pinky grabs his brother by the back of the neck. "After everything that's happened to us, being here in 2012, you think it's just coincidence we ran into him on the tour last month?" Herman shrugs out of his brother's grasp. "He's here for the same reasons we are," he says. "That's not coincidence or karma -- that's greed, pally!" Herman totally sounds like Squiggy.

Flashback. Time for church. Warden James opens the homily thusly: "Too often, the power of scripture can be overdressed with oratory." Being quite the orator himself, he would know. He goes on about redemption and the like, and is just about to launch into a discussion of Paul's letter to the Galatians when Herman starts mouthing off to Warden James. It's all a part of his plot to get into enough trouble that Donovan has to drag him out of services. Pinky goes along for the ride after trying to stick up for his brother. Ray Archer watches the whole thing and then goes to Warden James and Tiller with his suspicions. The three of them go to the hole, where they expect to find an Ames but find Donovan instead. His face is bloody and swollen. "Lock it down!" Tiller shouts. "Two prisoners loose!" Alarms sound. Donovan says he heard the brothers talking about escape before they beat him up. Warden James says he knows where the brothers are headed. "Or at least where they think they're headed."

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