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The Legend of Hurley's Gold

Present. Doc is freaking out. He calls Rebecca first, gets her voicemail. Next he calls Chet to see if he can find out if the cells were retrofitted with inside locks, in case a tourist ever got locked inside. Meanwhile, Rebecca and Donovan are still wandering around. She tells him to get to the ranger station, fearing he'll get himself hurt. "I can handle myself, honey," he says. "I didn't show up at sally port yesterday." At the utterance of those old-fashioned words, she points her gun at him and orders him to his knees. The brothers burst onto the scene, guns blazing. Rebecca shoots back and takes cover. Herman takes a bullet in the neck and starts spitting up copious amounts of blood. Donovan tackles Rebecca and chokes her like she's Bart Simpson. She punches Donovan in the nuts. He lets go of her to tend to his precious nads. Herman burbles his last. Pinky flies into a rage and charges at Rebecca. Hauser shows up and joins the fray. A gunfight ensues. Hauser is shot in the side. He and Rebecca make a run for it.

Pinky chases them down a hall, shooting at them all the while. Somehow, he misses every shot. Rebecca and Hauser escape through a security door, leaving Pinky to wail in frustration. Donovan tries to calm him down, but Pinky is intent on revenge. He sets his sights on Doc.

Back in the Hub, Rebecca is trying to make Hauser get some medical attention for his wound. He's all, "I'm fine! The bullet went right through!" Rebecca's ready to get back into the fight, but Hauser stops her. "They have Doc!" she says, except it totally sounds like "duck" the way she says it. Hauser warns her that they'll surely kill Doc if she goes after them, guns blazing. Plus they still have, like, 15 minutes of episode to kill. Hauser suggests they figure out who the men are and then they'll know how to go after them.

Chet helps Doc escape from his cell just in time to run into Pinky and Donovan. Pinky smashes Doc's face into the floor. Donovan makes him stop so they can use Doc as a hostage.

Meanwhile, Rebecca and Hauser go to the storage room and dig out the brothers' boxes. She sees from their files that they pulled off "high risk, high reward bank jobs," including a Federal Reserve building. Hauser takes out a little med kit and seals up his bullet wound with some kind of powder that sizzles like Pop Rocks. Hauser picks up on the Federal Reserve thing and says the brothers are looking for gold. Rebecca remembers reading about a stash of Civil War gold in Doc's books, but thought it was an urban legend. How does any of this help them? Pinky issues an ultimatum via one of the security cameras. He says he wants "blondie" or he'll start cutting off pieces of her friend. Rebecca thinks she can separate Donovan from Pinky, because Donovan doesn't want her dead. Except for that time he tried to kill her ten minutes ago.

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