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The Legend of Hurley's Gold

Woodsy Prison. Hauser interrogates Donovan, who's been strapped into something that looks like a nightmare dentist's chair. Hauser starts off with a Hmong fable about greed, and then gets to the matter at hand. "I knew about the keys," he says. "What I didn't know is that they belonged to the warden." Dr. Beauregard fastens some sort of pronged device to Donovan's neck. Hauser wants to know about Tommy Madsen, Ray Archer and Warden James. "Has he come back?" he asks. "Is he the one that's willing to kill for these keys?" Donovan just looks petrified and cries a little bit.

Flashback. Warden James goes back to the vault, this time alone. He pulls back a tarp, revealing a stack of gold bars, each the size of a hippo's foreleg. "Hello, ladies," he coos at them. He picks up one of these enormous bars and gives it a lusty, slightly insane smile. It looks like he might need some... "alone time"... with those things. Let's give it to him, shall we?

Tippi Blevins disappeared from prison 50 years ago and then mysteriously reappeared to write about this show. Email her at, or find her on Twitter.

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