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Finally, the Finale

Woodsy prison. Dr. Beauregard examines Lucy. She wonders why some of the prisoners got silver and some didn't, and what it's for. Dr. Beauregard doesn't know, and had always assumed she knew. He's working on a way to isolate the silver from the blood. After the exam, Lucy finds Hauser in another room, watching the tape of her interview with Ernest Cobb. He's just seen the part where Cobb says she's a target. "No one's safe as long as they keep coming back," Lucy says. "Still, we need to limit your exposure," Hauser says. Lucy scoffs and suggests he just keep her in a cell. Before he can come up with a retort, he gets a message from Rebecca. They have a lead on Tommy Madsen.

Everyone heads over to a local police precinct where the little girl was taken by a good Samaritan. Even though she's in shock and hasn't said a word, they've somehow figured out that something happened in her house. "She ran away from this man," Hauser says, holding up a sketch that looks like either Tommy Madsen or Frankenstein's monster. You could serve tea off the top of his head. Since the girl hasn't spoken, they don't know her name or address. (They wave away her ability to identify Tommy by saying the sketch artist used "a catalog of common faces." They also probably used magic, since the child only saw Tommy from the back and in the dark and only for a split second.) Rebecca and Doc go in to talk to the little girl. Doc gets her to open up by drawing a picture of a cat and asking her to color it in.

Flashback. Tommy wakes up in a nice hotel with a sweet view of the Bay. Before he can take time to enjoy it, Warden James comes in with room service. "Breakfast?" Tommy is freaking out. "Am I dead?" Warden James confirms that he's alive and well. "Son, you should be a nickel with the amount of silver coursing through your veins!" Even when nickels still had silver in them, it wasn't very much. Tommy notices that he feels pretty great. "What's it for?" he asks. "Potential," Warden James answers. "The great things I can do for you... the great things you can do for me." The Warden invites him to go on a walk. But... the breakfast will get cold!

Present. Tommy waits in the little girl's house. Her dad, tied up, gets himself free and retrieves a gun from under the bed. The girl's mother walks in. Tommy meets her at the door. "Georgia, get down!" her husband says, shooting from the top of the stairs. Shots are exchanged. Tommy grabs the woman.

Rebecca, having now gotten an address out of the little girl, shows up with Hauser and assorted cops. They find the dad at the top of the stairs, wounded but alive.

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