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Finally, the Finale

Tommy's been wounded, too. He's in a bathroom somewhere while Georgia stitches up a gash in his leg with what looks like dental floss. Mm, minty fresh. She cries, but manages to do a fine job. "You're going to have to see a real doctor," she says. "Nah, just stitch it up," he tells her. "Trust me, it'll heal."

Dawn, the next day. Hauser meets with a military guy in a spiffy little private plane somewhere. They shake hands and greet each other like they're maybe friends, or maybe used to be. I can't tell the guy's rank from his camo, but given that he's using he must be pretty important to be using a private plane as an office. That, or he thinks he's Oliver Queen on Smallville. Hauser asks the guy to get him a meeting with Harlan Simmons and explains about Tommy Madsen. "Does this mean the Warden is back?" Mr. Military asks. Hauser promises to ask Tommy just that, but Mr. Military can't get him an audience with Harlan. He hands over an envelope - "The documents you requested." They're new IDs and passports for Lucy. Mr. Military offers to get Lucy to Paraguay under the guise of working on some aquifer project. He also orders Hauser to brief his team. Thank you.

Hub. Lucy, Rebecca and Doc try to connect the dots. Somehow, everything keeps coming back to Harlan and they don't know why. Hauser shows up with the answers and brings them into the sub-hub, or, as an awed Doc calls it, "the Batcave behind the Batcave." Hauser shows them the two big keys and tells them about the "old Civil War dungeons" they're digging out under the lighthouse. They need a third key to open the door they've uncovered. Nothing else will apparently open the door. Have they tried lasers? I bet lasers would open it. "The keys belonged to the warden," Hauser says. "Warden James?" Doc asks. No, some other warden who's never been mentioned. Duh. Hauser says Tommy Madsen may be working for Warden James. Apropos of nothing, I find Sam Neill's acting choices to be uncomfortably of the David Caruso variety. All the odd head angles and stiff-necked posing. Maybe he needs a chiropractor.

Anyway, Doc notices a doohickey in the corner of the room that measures "thermal and seismic activity." Warren pipes up to explain their theory: "The jump was caused by a geothermal event, possibly a tectonic plate slippage." Doc is tickled that they call it a jump, too. Warren explains they sometimes also call it "time dilation" and "quantum tunneling" and "mysterious plot element not yet figured out by the writers, either." In other words, nobody really knows. Hauser's finally telling them all this because he has to go away for a while, so he can take Lucy somewhere safe. This is news to an unhappy Lucy, who's just walked into the room. She has news of her own: The retinal scanner at the hospital where Georgia works was just activated. Also, the hospital is owned by Broadway Mutual. Wouldn't it have been nice if they'd dropped hints about Broadway Mutual all season long? Kind of like with Doctor Who and that whole "Bad Wolf" thing.

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