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Finally, the Finale

While Tommy marches Georgia through the hospital, we flash back to 1960. Tommy and Warden James enjoy lunch at a little Italian restaurant. "I feel like I've been painted into a Norman Rockwell tableau," the Warden grumps. "I ask you to name your price and you request a cannoli and a glass of Italian red." Dude, if it's an amaretto chocolate cannoli, that'd be my price, too. Tommy recalls meeting his wife at this very restaurant. He sounds very sweet about the whole thing. The Warden offers to grant him a perfect day. Whatever he wants most in the world. Tommy watches a family eating across the room and knows what he wants.

Present. Tommy barges into Ghost's room. Nobody's there, so Tommy starts rifling through things, looking for the key. Ghost comes in a few moments later, sees Tommy and pales as to make his nickname seem all the more appropriate. He bolts, and Tommy follows after him, dragging Georgia along.

Woodsy prison. Dr. Beauregard shows Lucy his latest findings. "The silver emits a frequency," he says. "Problem is, I can't separate it. The silver attaches itself to the platelets and becomes one in the same." That's dumb for reasons a mere weecap doesn't have time to cover. Lucy realizes that since she'll always have the silver, she can always be tracked. She and Dr. Beauregard have a sad conversation about whether or not Lucy will go with Hauser. Dr. Beauregard proves more insightful than his curmudgeonly exterior would indicate. He wonders if Lucy feels obligated to go. Hauser waited 50 years for her. "He's not the same man I fell in love with," she says. "Part of him is missing." Show needs more of these moments. These two were so at odds in 1960, and yet they have the keenest rapport in 2012.

1960. Warden James brings Tommy to a somewhat dilapidated house in Oakland. A little boy plays in the front yard. It's Tommy's young song, whom he hasn't seen in three years. Alas, when he goes to talk to his son, the boy takes one look at him and runs into the house. It doesn't take 50 years to grow apart from someone. Tommy sniffs back tears. Even the Warden looks sad for him. Tommy gathers himself up and goes back to the Warden. "I know what I want from you."

Present. Ghost runs until he has nowhere to go. Tommy pulls a gun on him. "I don't have it," Ghost says. Tommy doesn't believe him, so Ghost tries a different tack: "He'll kill me." Tommy promises to protect him from Harlan, but Ghost doesn't see any way out of this mess. He turns and hurls himself through the nearest window. What flimsy glass. Even though he appears to have fallen from the second floor, the impact kills him up pretty good. Rebecca drives up just in time to see Tommy looking down from the shattered remains of the window.

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