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Finally, the Finale

She chases after him, through the building and into the parking garage. Tommy hot-wires a Dodge Charger and speeds past Rebecca. Luckily, a pretty blue Mustang happens by and she commandeers it from some poor fool who's about to have to fill out a lot of insurance forms.

Before the exciting car chase can get underway, the show cuts to commercials. Then it starts again with a flashback. Way to kill the momentum, show. Back in Alcatraz, Tommy meets with his brother Ray. He wants Ray to leave Alcatraz and adopt his son. He's already got the papers drawn up, no doubt thanks to Warden James. Ray protests. He hasn't given up on getting Tommy out of prison. "I killed her," Tommy says, speaking of his wife. "I waited for her to come home, and I stuck a gun in her mouth, and I pulled the trigger. The kid got sprayed with her blood." Whether he's telling the truth or not is a mystery. It might be like when a guy raises a little bear, and then he has to set the bear free, so he has to scare the bear away so that it never trusts human beings again. Ray still wants to help him, so Tommy bangs his fist into a table and roars at him to go. Go, little bear! Go, and never get too close to humans again!

Present. Finally, the car chase! In a scene that evokes the famous chase scene from Bullitt, Rebecca and Tommy peel through the streets of San Francisco. Lots of vrooming and hot cars and smoke spewing from tires as they grab onto pavement for traction.

Hospital. Georgia tells Hauser about Tommy looking for a key. Her daughter is brought to her, right there at the crime scene, which doesn't seem wise, but whatever. Hauser digs through dead Ghost's pockets and comes up empty-handed. Doc conducts a second search and finds the key sewn into the cuff of Ghost's pants. "Give it to me," Hauser says. "No," Doc says. "I'm gonna find Rebecca and then we'll all go." Hauser pulls a gun on Doc. Lucy stays his hand. Doc ignores him and gets into Rebecca's car.

Back to Tommy and Rebecca's chase scene. More vrooming up and down hills. Tires squealing. Rebecca rams her borrowed Mustang into the Dodge twice. The Dodge flips multiple times and comes to a fiery rest on a deserted street. Rebecca rushes over to pull Tommy from the wreckage just before the whole thing explodes. She aims her gun at him. He tries the "we're family" angle, but gets nowhere. "You wanna know why I killed your partner?" he tries. "He was being paid to keep eyes on you." Harlan wanted to get to Tommy and the other inmates. Tommy explains that Harlan broke a promise to Warden James. Rebecca orders Tommy to turn around, which he reluctantly does, but then he starts talking about her parents. "Did Ray tell you what happened to them? How they really died?" While Rebecca processes that, Tommy pulls out a knife and stabs her in the gut with it. He lowers her gently to the ground, whispering, "Sh, sh, sh." While she writhes in agony, he drives off in her borrowed Mustang. He must not want her dead, because he declines to turn her into a human speed bump as he makes his escape. Doc drives up and runs over to her, shouting her name.

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