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Finally, the Finale

In the next scene, Rebecca is wheeled into the ER. Doc, Hauser and Lucy pace in the waiting room. "This is why I need to take you away," Hauser says. "And exactly why I can't leave," Lucy retorts. Hauser is adamant about not losing her again. Lucy points out they've already survived 50 years and a bullet to the heart. "What could possibly come between us?" Death? Hauser's probably inching up on his average life expectancy. Ray joins them in the waiting room and angrily orders Hauser out. After a moment, he recognizes Lucy. "You're one of them!" As Lucy and Hauser leave, Doc hands over the key. Hauser invites him to come, but Doc thinks it's more important to stay with Rebecca.

Lighthouse. Hauser and Lucy finally get to open the door and find what looks like the 1960s version of their fancy hub. There are clunky computer stations, but most importantly there's a map of the country with little Lite-Brite push-pins. Each pin bears the number of an inmate. Lucy thinks they're the projected return locations for each inmate. There are pins all over the country.

1960. Dr. Scientist is arranging some push-pins in the lighthouse hub when Warden James and Tommy return from their boys' day out. Dr. Scientist shows them a list detailing all of Tommy's whereabouts for the day. "We can track them," he says. "You can track them," Warden James corrects him. "Me without you and your science... All my best intentions carry no water." They smile at each other. "Water, elixir of life," Dr. Scientist says. Tommy's thinking, "Oh, crap, there's two of them!" He's freaking out a little bit and freaks out a little more when Dr. Scientist confesses he's been watching Tommy since 1952. "You were in Korea, too?" Tommy asks. Dr. Scientist says nothing. Warden James calls Tommy their "advance man" and Dr. Scientist tells him he'll be out in three years. Tommy's like, "Free?" They scoff.

Present day. Still poking around the lighthouse hub, Lucy and Hauser hear a clank behind them. When they go to investigate, they find Dr. Scientist curled up in the corner, mumbling to himself. Empty food cans lie scattered around him. Has he been there all this time, subsisting on corn and beans? He looks to be the same age. "What year is it?" he asks. "It's 2012," Hauser tells him. Dr. Scientist laughs and laughs like he's done gone crazy or is well on his way.

Hospital. Doctors are still working on Rebecca. Her heart stops. They do chest compressions, zap her with the defibrillator, nothing works. They don't try for long, though, because the episode is almost over. Someone calls her time of death as the heart monitor's flatline tone carries us into the end of the season.

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