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The Sound of Music

Bar. Nikki and Rebecca play pool and drink beer. When Nikki gives their waiter an appreciative look, Rebecca goes, "Oh, my God, you're shameless!" It was barely a glance, for crying out loud. As they chat, Rebecca confesses to experiencing some family stress. Nikki correctly guesses it's to do with Ray. Before they can get much further into any kind of discussion that would develop the characters or make them seem like human beings in any way, Nikki and Rebecca both get calls on their cells. Rebecca's call is from Doc. After following Hauser for a while, he decided to go visit Lucy at the hospital. "She's gone," he says. "He took her." He hangs up when the nurse comes to tell him what happened, which seems like a privacy issue, but whatever. Nikki's call is about the woman in the previous scene. Rebecca asks to tag along, because she has no life.

They head over to the victim's apartment. She was a music student. Her mother came to visit and found her dead in the bathtub. That's where she still is, which seemed odd to me for reasons too long to go into. Nikki takes a look at the body. The bruises on her ankles show that she may have been tied up for three days. Rebecca notices the jaggedly shorn hair hair and thinks the killer took it as a trophy. She also notices a broken fingernail and tracks it down to the living room.

Back at the Hub, Rebecca and Doc go over old inmate records for anyone who may have had a thing for musicians. They don't come up with anything and think maybe they're not looking for a '63. "Hey, so what's the deal with Hauser?" Rebecca asks Doc. "He's right behind you," Hauser says right behind them. Rebecca and Doc practically jump out of their chairs. Hauser points at Doc. "If you ever follow me again, I may decide to shoot you after all." But who would provide all your infodumps? Rebecca sticks up for Doc, blaming Hauser for not telling them things. She mentions Lucy, but Hauser cuts her off. He changes the subject to the dead music student. Rebecca says Nikki found blood under her fingernail, but it was tainted with colloidal silver. Hauser makes dramatic faces. "Does this mean something to you?" Rebecca asks. "He's one of ours," Hauser says. He confesses that some of the inmates they're hunting down have tested positive for colloidal silver. Rebecca's like, "What tests? I thought you were taking them to prison!" They're not mutually exclusive, lady. Cue Hauser's terrible VO.

Rebecca and Doc pay a visit to the music student's teacher who is pretty cute and welcome to come back anytime. Seriously, show, you need some male eye candy. They show him an assortment of mug shots, but he doesn't recognize any of them.

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