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The Sound of Music

Woodsy prison. Dr. Beauregard tries his best to video-conference with Hauser. He's baffled by the webcam. Maybe Hauser should look into getting a more modernized doctor to work on Lucy. Anyway, Dr. Beauregard reassures Hauser that the silver is the key to healing Lucy and that he'll test the new blood sample when he gets it. He also makes an interesting comment about not having seen the sky in a while. Is it because he's a prisoner of sorts? Or has he been just that busy? Dr. Beauregard sadly informs Hauser that Lucy may not have much longer.

1960. Lucy tells Porter that she can take away his painful memories. He just keeps pressing his ear to the infirmary wall and doesn't answer. With Lucy's permission, a guard goes into the next room over and unplugs the refrigerator. As the motor falls silent, Porter's tinnitus comes to the fore. He panics. "Turn it back on, please," he begs. Dr. Beauregard, watching from the sidelines, is startled to hear him speak. Lucy turns on a record player. Soft piano music fills the room. Porter paces, his agitation growing. Lucy explains that he can carry the music in his head. Eventually, he calms down. He slumps to the floor. Lucy kneels beside him. "Can you tell me about the night your mother tried to drown you?" she asks. We get a flashback-within-a-flashback as he remembers his mother pushing him under. From his point of view, her long hair floats above him. He tears up as he remembers. "Now I can help you," Lucy says. He looks grateful.

Present day. A youngish Asian woman is surprised to find Porter playing the violin on her doorstep. "You're the guy from that party last week," she says. He's all bashful smiles as he tells her that someone at the party got him an audition. "Still getting ready for it," he says, holding up his violin. He reminds her she told him she'd love to hear him play. She's kind of impressed, apparently thinking he's flirting with her. She asks him if he was playing Stravinksy. He says he was playing his own music. "Just things in my head," he says. He takes a step towards her. She goes from being impressed to being a little wary. He takes another step. She looks scared. "I like your hair," he says, and grabs her by the throat.

Woodsy prison. Hauser shows up at Beauregard's request and learns that the mystery '63's blood type is a match for Lucy's. He couldn't have told Hauser this over the phone? Maybe the webcam confused him again.

Concert hall. Porter auditions for an audience of six men and women. There are some creepy-looking mannequin things on stage with him, dressed in white, set up for some unknown production. His audience is impressed. "Your bow makes the sweetest sound," says one of the men. "I string it myself," Porter says. Someone hands him some sheet music, but Porter can't read it. His audience disperses. The audition is over.

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