30 Seconds

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Daddies with glass tables shouldn't throw daughters.

Barcelona. Sloane's paying a wee little visit to Angus McFatten. Sloane's royally pissed off that Angus neglected to mention that Nadia's cure will only work if her heart is stopped for thirty seconds. "You're asking me to kill my daughter!" he snaps. "I'm asking you to have faith in Rambaldi." Sloane's like, whoa! Hold the phone! What's this Rambaldi crap you're talkin'? Angus explains that, since it was a Rambaldi invention that made Nadia the way she is, wouldn't it stand to reason that it would be Rambaldi who invented the cure? Angus claims that, if things had worked out differently, Sloane would be on their side, working toward realizing Rambaldi's greatest achievement. Angus says he still could be on their side if he wanted to. Sloane says that his Rambaldi days are over. Now he just wants his daughter back; if only for another hour or so until he shoves her into an inconveniently placed glass table and she bites it for good. Not that that happens or anything.

Apple Store. Dix runs up to Jack and tells him that Anna's line just went active, and that Marsh and Rachel are standing by to intercept. Everyone runs over to the Conference Room of Endless Exposition. We hear two voices on the line, and one of them is a French guy, while the other is actually Peyton, not Anna. Marshall tries to pinpoint the French guy's location while Peyton carries on a conversation with him that lets us know that she wants him to do business with her, and she's already transferred some incentive money into his account. Rachel gets a satellite feed up on the guy and they watch as he pulls a case from beneath a bench and opens it, revealing Page 47 within.

The French guy asks Peyton what he wants him to do with it, and she says that she wants him to translate a message that's hidden in a portion of the manuscript. Marshall pinpoints Peyton's location as being in Barcelona. Unfortunately, Peyton hangs up before Marshall can get a more specific location for her. She turns and says to SydAnna that she's not sure about the French guy. SydAnna just squints her kohl-lined eyes and says that he's the best there is; if he can't find it, no one can. God, is that all SydAnna's going to do now? Wear black eyeliner and husk around Prophet Five HQ? Because...boooooring. Back at APO, Jack tasks Rachel and Marshall with identifying the French guy. If they can ID him, then maybe they can pull him into custody and get to SydAnna before she gets to him. Then he orders Getty and Dixon to reach out to all their Barcelona contacts to find out if Prophet Five has a new outpost there.

Dix wonders about the message and Getty's all, "You mean the one hidden in a 500-year-old document? What, we're taking that seriously now?" Both Jack and Dixon are like, "Well, duh! Taking that seriously makes about as much sense as the rest of the shit we take seriously around here, so suck it up, junior!" Jack says that he's going to visit Sloane and he's taking their copy of Page 47 with him, dammit! Maybe Sloane knows something they don't about the page.

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